Trashed Space Station

This was new for me. Interesting that it’s an old space station.


Wow! Amazing!

You must be in an abandoned system
I also like how it uses the pre-1.3 design


Now what would be cool…
Buy space station customise,charge taxes to land,implement traders,catalogue ships ect!!!


Maybe in next updates i’d love it.

Had this idea back in August


Woah. Can you post more photos of the inside of the station? My curiosity is peaked! I love that they used the old station asset! It adds more depth!

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Those were the only pictures that I took. The insides of the upstairs areas pretty much resembled the wrecked buildings that you find on planets/moons.

Came across one of these derelict Atlas Rises Era Space Stations in an Abandoned Gek System (that’s how it’s listed in the Gal.Map.) The entire system is dead and spooky.
I have posted a couple of pics from inside but I’ll leave the rest for you to discover yourselves :wink:



How did all of you find these? I’ve been going to systems with no dominate life form data, strangely all of them have been red class systems, and so far they’ve all been uncharted instead. Am I on the right track? Do I have to find say a yellow class star system with no dominate life form data?

These systems come up with a red Abandoned (Race) System in the Gal.Map.
In my case it was Abandoned Gek System and is one jump away from my home system.

If you look about using the Gal.Map, clicking on systems, the data about that system in the lower LHS of your screen will tell you.


So in looking at the galactic map it’ll tell you it’s abandoned. I thought it was one of the ones with no dominant race data. Thank you!

Could you post a screenshot from your galactic map with one selected? I must be in a weird part of the Galaxy because I don’t see any nearby.

@SaraStarwind Sorry, I was busy elsewhere.

Not a screenshot but a phone shot but it will do. If you look in the selected system description you can see it is red. In this case it is a blue star and just happened to be adjacent to my home base system.


I’m guessing it only turned red after you got there. I see uncharted in red in systems I’ve been to, but I could tell beforehand because it had no dominate lifeform. I guess it’s just random chance if a system you end up in is abandoned. But good to know that I need to warp to systems that show a dominate lifeform. I’ll try a blue one next!

No. It was this listing that caught my attention and made me go there to investigate…
However, this is my old save and before NEXT I had very likely already been to this system but it didn’t register as such. Also being a blue star it requires the upgraded drives to access.
Good luck with finding one yourself, it certainly is a different experience.

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True. I tended to warp with my freighter pre next so I’m far from my old systems. I like to jump as far as I can each time!

I know lol. I’ve had all 3 for almost 2 years.

Thank you, I am seeking out all the new things you can explore after next. I like the uncharted systems, but planet generation seems weird now for some reason.