Stellar Corruption - No Star, No Space Station

I’m not really sure whether I’ve put this in the right place, but here goes:

I’ve just visited a new system. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t find the space station. After searching around a bit, and doing some scans, I was forced to the conclusion that there isn’t one.

I then noticed that one of the planets was marked as suffering from “stellar corruption”. This planet had pretty weird geography, but not as weird as the old “breach” planets.

There were animals, plants, minerals etc, but no buildings or aliens at all.

Then I noticed that the system had no star / sun.

So I’m posting this here, to ask if anyone else has come across this sort of thing. At the moment, it’s a bit difficult to know what’s a bug, and what’s intentional.

The “Stellar Corruption” planet - a weird landscape, but not as strange as the breach planets.

As you can see, absolutely nothing showing up on scans from space. No buildings, and no space station.


Was this a red star system on the galactic map?

It’s a blue star.

A little update - I left the system, then came back. Now it does have a star. A huge blue one. It’s kind of hard to miss.

Still no space station, though.


I have to been to a few with no station- the star being gone was weird, but I think the lack of stations in some systems is deliberate.


The star missing is weird, but there are “uncharted” systems now in the game that are completely devoid of civilisation. Apart from the pirates that are presumably using them to hide out…


I’ve found systems with no space stations as well. I’ve heard rumors of abandoned space stations too, though I haven’t found one of those yet. No sun seems like it would make things very very dark.


Well, that was the strange thing - as you can see from the planet picture, it didn’t. There was obviously light coming from somewhere - but there was no star visible.

I’m curious now as to whether it was just a glitch, or whether “stellar corruption” means the star is somehow unreliable.


Maybe it’s a pulsar?


I have found 2 systems with no Space Station. Both contained the old exotic types planets. I will check later as to the star…I think one of them does not have one. Will update later today.


When I’ve warped into a system that has no races as soon as I try and use my pulse engines it says it can’t due to station proximity but there is no station


If it says uncharted system on the Galactic map after you’ve visited, then having no space station is normal.

You can spot these very easily by using the lifeform filter, any white stars are uncharted. Also for abandoned systems, your conflict scanner will show the status as unavailable (uncharted will have Race/economy/conflict as unavailable if you have the correct scanners).

Uncharted systems are more common in red stars it seems but can be found for any star colour.

I’ve been spending my last few sessions visiting a cluster of red stars just outside the ETARC Starchain, all uncharted. Have built outposts for stranded travellers with a galactic trading terminal and a few amenities.

Have also built teleporter at each, even though other players can’t use other players teleporter I’m hoping some day they can and these outputs will have a bigger use than just being a place to sell your stuff in an uncharted system.

I have yet to notice a lack of a star in any of them, but I wasn’t paying much attention upon entering, just scanning planets and deciding where to build the outpost but if I come across any solar anomalies I’ll hit this thread up.

While pirates will not attack in uncharted systems, I have a little bit of head canon I like to sorta force into uncharted systems. I accept a hunt pirate mission in a populated system, then pretend theyre hiding out in uncharted systems, teleport to one from space station and the mission target will appear in the uncharted system.

Pretending I’m hunting the futuristic version of the Cavefish, the biker gang in Full Throttle.


They do in survival mode.


I am on a breached planet and the system has a star but no space station.


Oh, very interesting. Then again I’ve never been in uncharted space with valuable cargo in normal mode :thinking:

Going to experiment with this :slight_smile:


I remember hearing somewhere (probably the NEXT trailer or patch notes) that some systems are “abandoned.” So no space station or other aliens. That’s not a glitch, but the sun missing would be!


There are loads of systems with no space stations and this IS fully intentional…if you install the economy and conflict scanners in your ship when you go to the galactic map you’ll find loads of systems that give no information…nothing about a species populating them, nothing about economy, and nothing about conflict…those are uncharted systems…there won’t be any space station or any buildings down on the planets. When you go back to the galactic map to leave that system you should see the word “Uncharted” written in red as part of the system’s information…a vast number of red, green, and blue stars are uncharted…as a rule of thumbs they’re more likely to be uncharted than they are to be populated if you don’t have the appropriate scanners to know. The missing star was probably a bug.


Today I visited a green system that did not have a space station. One of the planets scan indicated that it was a corrupted planet. When I landed I was surprised to find both flora and fauna. Also it was mostly a water planet. I grabbed the resources I want a left. I didn’t look for any buildings.

Seemed very odd to me.

Edit: PS4 Normal new game started with 1.5

Well to find Uncharted systems you only have to look to see that there is no dominant species. No scanners required.


You’re right…I forgot you don’t need scanners to see whether there’s a species there and that’s all you need to know to identify uncharted systems.

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But thank you again for your tip to find abandon systems, which in order to find, for anyone listening, you need both scanners and then need to find a system that has a dominant species but no threat level.