It looks like the room from the other day with the briefcase of the table… but the shadow or reflection is strange




Yeah thats how the room looked anytime the lights were off, the light around the breifcase is what led people in the stream to demand they look under tables or turn off the lights and look under them again or use the flashlight under the table when the lights off etc etc.

However I think the light around briefcase was caused by a filter over the image, that darkened every part of the image but had a “spotlight” over the briefcase area, you can kinda catch them fading that filter out as people enter the room, but again that couldve been switching from a still image fading to the live shot of the room


There’s no filter, it comes from the flashlight that was on and on the floor before the first group came in.


Unless that not the table with the briefcase on and it’s the table with the laptop and the light is coming from the laptop, maybe??


You can clearly see the briefcase on the pic with increased brightness. The flashlight that was in that room is pointing at it. It’s even illuminating the front edge on the table.