The Purge - Final Portal location disappears


For some reason my final portal location for the Artemis Quest (The Purge), had disappeared. I had been keeping an eye on it, to make sure the icon kept showing with the teleport location. I continued doing other things until today. Last thing I had done was hunt for a Freighter, which likely added a lot of new teleport locations. However, it appears this has not been the cause for the teleport location to disappear, as the location still showed, just no icon anymore. So what actually made this location or mission marker disappear is unclear. Having the mission highlighted, entering the galaxy map, visiting the planet it is on, nothing made it show. Final Artemis mission location N/A, vanished.

Luckily enough I have many saves backed up, so I compared the JSON save data from an earlier save where the icon still showed. Under ‘PlayerStateData’ > ‘MarkerStack’, I found the actual mission marker missing in my last save. The info missing for the marker contains all the info required for MissionID ACT3_STEP4 (see JSON example below). I added this info back into the MarkerStack, which fixed my issue. The marker showed again, with the mission available and working where it should.

Example entry in JSON for MarkerStack

Problem solved for me, but a bug that requires fixing as it completely breaks the Artemis quest, unable to finish it otherwise.

Edit: I had not checked if the portal was actually there at the location, and working or not. Reason I didn’t was because I had no Beacon placed, so would have required quite a bit of effort locating the portal again, even though I knew which planet it was. So it is possible you may be able to finish the Artemis quest without the mission marker, but you’d have to make sure you know where the final portal is located. Not tested, no guarantee.