Debris At Portal Dump Site. Warning: Artemis Quest spoiler


In my new save I’m just finishing the Artemis quest:
If you don’t want spoilers stop reading :slight_smile:

At the point where the portal dumps you, I noticed debris on the ground I haven’t seen mentioned before or noticed myselfpreviously.
I was dumped on a barren/airless type world and around my feet there were the remains of something mechanical. I scanned them and the group of parts glowed like a building or other created object and once I dug them out they floated.

Does anyone recognise them or see a way of tying them in to the lore…?


Hmm, very interesting. I know NEXT has added a lot of debris and bits and bobs around most buildings that weren’t there before, perhaps this was something also added for when you are searching for Artemis.

It happens a second time if I remember correctly when trying to meet either null or apollo (whichever it was :see_no_evil:) so maybe have another look for similar artefact when you reach that point, assuming the mystery hasn’t been solved by then of course :blush:


Noticed some of the red debris is very similar to the center area of freighter crash sites…


The only way I can tie this into the Artemis lore is by assuming Artemis once started the same way we as a player once started. Remember #231187661T, the Boundary Failure lore, Telamon. What you are seeing are the remains of another crash site. According to the naming in the source files, we can assume it was a player/traveller. Considering we did at some point find Artemis’ crash site including ship, I doubt these are left-overs from yet again a crash by Artemis, unless they were a terrible pilot :wink:

The ‘scene’ of debris you are seeing there is called ‘STARTSCENE_PLAYER’ in the files, it looks like this:

The main parts of this scene refer to ‘DEBRISWARRIOR_RARE’ textures. I am not sure why specifically ‘warrior’ though. If I look at the textures used in the folder, the red colouring appears to be made of the ‘BURNMARKS’ texture, with a coloured mask applied by the same name, which is red. This makes sense for debris left after a crash. The hexagon shaped object uses a texture called ‘TECHNOLOGYCONTAINER’, we are likely to assume this is another part left after a crash. The fact these parts float is because they have no physics applied, like most objects.