The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


You can’t plant carbon, but you can refine it from some plants and oxygen. You could also just mine plants.


The Standing Planter gives carbon, but I think the blueprint is currently only available from pre-Next saves, like NipNip plants.


Thanks yeah i thought there was a blueprint that maybe i had missed. Ok back to the grind of lasering the leaves…


Make friends with someone with a legacy save who can build carbon planters. Then join up & get them to build some for you.
Position them in a sort of circle so you can do the pan-&-pick method (like biodomes)
Better than shooting trees all day.
I wish there was a pure ferrite mining machine too…


I started a new save with NEXT and I can build standing planters. I have them in every base.



That’s another bug similar to the clouds when parking the freighter at the edge of a planet atmosphere…
Spawned into a new system, and spawned inside the ring of a planet… and that’s the result… (Zendesked)



Poor fishy :frowning:


They are, after all, listed as “intelligent” :smiley:


My race initiator went all retro


Has anybody seen this before? One outpost was completely ignored by the landing spacecraft, so I’m thinking that it’s not intentional.

Does the next big update include more weapons? I think I’ve got that covered.

That’s it. I’m suing my autopilot.


Yes I’ve seen that before.
The ships always favour one over the other.
Same thing with minor outposts too. Sometimes all the ships circle the outpost ignoring the trading post




hmm-- ok ok I’ll Leave-- :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No way to mine the Rocks inside a random base… very annoying.


Yup, seen this before. If there are two landable buildings close to each other, only one will be pathed. In my case it was pretty hlarious, because one was a trading post, and the other one was a simple outpost. All ships were circling the outpost waiting for its landing pad to be free, while nobody was bothering to land at the trade post. :smile:



I think the voxel scan things are intentionally back in the game.
I get them fairly often now.



Bug Photobomb :grin:


Glitching Space Station in an abandoned system consisted of these giant intermeshed panels continually spinning and flipping. Was kind of freaky…