The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


I encountered one in the first comm event…very bizarre and annoying since it keeps you from landing.


I encountered it too, but it didn’t stop me from doing anything. Mine was kind of insubstantial - it looked very freaky, but I could fly right through it. It made the approach tunnel inside the space station look like some sort of surrealist nightmare. Probably an unintentional bug, but very atmospheric, all the same. Disjointed reality writ large.


Mine was very substantial. Just bumping into the edges of it caused my ship to flash red and start taking damage.



Brilliant! :rofl:


Were you the one who created this? I saw Sean Murray post the same thing on Twitter


No, a few friends were sending it around so I posted it here. No idea who made the original


If SM’s tweet is the original appearance, it was probably somebody at HG… But tracking first appearances is kinda tricky on the internet.


Have never seen anything like that. How peculiar.


Uhhhh really tall grass?


Actually, as a follow on from that constant icon glitch. (Usually it pinpoints a collectable that isnt there).
I found to prevent it (since it happens all the time now) I tag my own ship on my way back to it. This stops the repeat icon popping up all the time.



Under, …Over


Tip-toe through the tulips…:smile:




Eats free radicals and has hallucinogenic bark…
It must be a real hit with gardeners. :rofl:

I got stuck between my freighter’s exterior and the inside… The results do not disappoint.


Bizarre sequence of glitches in my gameplay today.

  • Ruin landing saw my ship sink through the ground and come to a stop on top of a cave tunnel [thankfully]
  • Then I noticed later that even though the Ruin had been in correct position, there was another Ruin structure floating in the high atmosphere


I have a floating ruin on my planet. It has been that one since I discovered it. Has never come down, even after several updates.


I jumped to a new system. Shortly afterwards, a freighter fleet followed me in, and crashed straight into the space station.



Don’t forget to submit your dashcam footage (for insurance reasons). There is just to much GekNip use among pilots these days. :grin: