The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


Unusual gravity variation on this planet…

Quick reload fixes. :open_mouth: :smile:


So I thought this Gek looked unique. Dressed up for Mardi Gras perhaps.

Then I began to notice something unusual.

So I figured, hey, triplets! I wonder how often that happens among the Gek?
So I jetted over to the other side of the Space Station thinking I would probably never encounter that again. Surprise…



They probably just like cloning a lot in that system. Like in that one ST:TNG episode… :smile:


Yep, thought so, mynoks chewing on the power cables…



Not exactly submerged

Not exactly solid either

Nice sunset though


Submerged? Is that what the Nautilon is for?


Well, you want to park it undercover don’t you?
Wouldn’t want it sitting out in the weather getting wet. :roll_eyes:



Exactly! I was on my way to the indoors dry dock, wondering why it stopped moving …


Perfect landing. On a tree.

Probably the second or third time one of my ships became a hovercraft.


What do space NPC’S do for fun? Buz the local wildlife of course…

No animals were injured or killed in the making of these photo’s…well maybe just one. :sweat_smile:


Nice to make your Aqua-aintance. Domestic Droid making friends with the fishies


Tank maintenance…you will never have algae build up. :grinning:


Upon return from the event planet after finishing the main quest, the portal had vanished, while the sound was stuck. A reload fixed the portal, but not the sound being stuck until I made it back on board my freighter …
Interestingly enough, this sound was still stuck when I loaded into my other save, which only fixed itself with a restart. Multidimensional anomaly … [error] … :joy:


The Community Event always causes something strange to happen. I was just using the Portal on the Space Station…

oh and this happened too.

Thankfully once the systems dried out completely , it started up just fine. :smile:


Box island

Messing around with my exocraft

I picked up this guy when I was out for a ride. Needless to say he did not enjoy it and threw my exocraft into the air several times. Make sure you check how strong an animal is before running it over. :red_car:


WARNING :warning: NOT JELLYFISH PROOF (see reverse for details)


Well, this was really scary. I landed on a very small island to check out the waypoint that was on it. There was a horror right at the shore.

It immediately began to pull me under. I could not fire, could not exit my ship and I had a very hard time breaking free.
I aimed for the sky and put my foot down on the gas, lol, finally escaping its wicked stare.


It can pull ships in? :scream:



Summoning starship post 1.7 is a lesson in patience [PS4]

So they can pull in entire ships but not exocraft? :smile:
I hope you zendesked this. This is a textbook case where the developer sees the bug report and goes “huh, yeah, there’s an edge-case I didn’t think would ever come up…”.