The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


Well, I don’t know if they can’t pull exocraft. I have not been given ‘the eye’ while in an exocraft. :grin:


They can’t. They don’t react at all to exocraft.


I would imagine they never thought about our ships since they are not supposed to be under water…maybe the Horror was not supposed to be in such shallow water either. I will report it however, it was kinda fun.


Exactly. That’s what we call an “edge-case” in development. Basically a rare state you don’t expect to happen, or think is impossible to happen, or it did never even occur to you that it might happen. As a result, quite often there’s no handling and also no testing for these cases.
And procgen is very much full of them, because those algorithms you wrote tend to do a lot of stuff you didn’t expect… :rofl:


I get a weird black strobe effect in the sky on my homewotld sometimes. This is whats strobing in and out…

Yeah, gigantic exocraft wheel :smiley:


Nothing like taking your planet out for a spin! :red_car:


I have a black square in the middle of the sun on my planet. It flashes on and off.


At one of my underwater bases something is missing:


I noticed a bit later, dead centre of the wheel is a racetrack module and the other side shows its from a pilgrim. strange one lol.


That’s just cillian Murphy refueling the sun, after the end of Sunshine, he transcended to a god like state and is now janitor to the stars.


I get that on my sun (or any sun for that matter) occasionally and I also get it fairly often during teleporter warp. Despite the similar graphics I haven’t noticed it during ship warp or portal travel.


Quite often when I teleport, I learn something new.

One way of making you save money :roll_eyes:

These ruins are most certainly out of reach. Very high!

Speaking of very ‘high’.
“That’s some seriously good nipnip dude” :laughing:


Aw man! I wonder which receipt he would give away… haha

A NipNip Cake?

That’s some serious thug life :joy:


I found my first floating ruin.

Also, these weird halo mushrooms I found. They were solid when viewed from above.

Fauna :sauropod:

There’s a joke in there somewhere about mushrooms, culling (the ancient video game art of not rendering what doesn’t need to be seen) and the culinary arts.


I’ve been finding these on my homeworld recently. They look like a small disc from above and seem to have no function…any idea what they’re supposed to be?


Honestly not sure but looks like a gas or oxygen harvester in its appearance.

It’s hard to tell from way up here in my nautilon, I’ll try take a closer look on each fall

Drove a little too close to my submerged staircase and this happened :blush:


They are exocraft race track markers


oooh indeed they are. I made a small racetrack round 3 bases some time ago. :slight_smile:


:joy: We should all get together and have a competition. Can you make it into the clouds?