The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


It appears that the torso style 2 has been updated with a chest decoration. It sticks out through the armor!

I got stuck in a doorway of my base.

Stop interloping? That is my sole purpose!


I found this in a folder somewhere in my PC… looks like it’s from Atlas Rises.


Another close call. I have not died from a ship impact yet. I do suspect the day is coming.


Loving the speed increase, but can we turn down the anti-grav suspension…

There’s your problem!



For those who miss the voxel resource scan… I still get this glitch sometimes [PC]


I am getting it now as well. :grinning:


creature centipede LMAO


I got one of those glitches last night after the 1.63 patch.


Should have titled it Rear-End Collision


“Fender bender accidents are on the rise.”


Falling through the station after ejecting on landing. It’s a bug that hopefully will become fixed. If it happens to you, try to jump through a light hole at the top to get back in. Just make sure you have a good jet pack. Else you have to use a manual save.


Yet another swamped facility filled with mud.


Anyone seen this before?
After completing a mission I followed this icon to a pile of Condensed Carbon Crystals. Disappeared when I exited my ship.


I have seen things I was following disappear, just not that particular thing.


Oh I didn’t realise the scan indicator thing had been removed! Do you think that is temporary until the bring it back perhaps in a clearer form? I thought it was quite fun. Maybe all it needed was to be on screen for less time or maybe just the voxel centres could be indicated with a light dot. I shall miss it if it has gone for good. It was unique accent of the game’s look. Well, here’s hoping it might be replaced with something else.


Ive have locations I mark like buried tech continue to show up after arriving. This one showed up in the screen showed up in space. Other times the marked location ended up pointing to Star Bulb plants. Reported to zendesk.


I’ve had custom markers persist.

I usually mark the spot of the archaeological chest, After I’ve dug it up , opened it and returned to my ship, the marker sometimes appears at my next landing(s). To remove it I just set the custom marker (E on the PC while using the suit scanner) on it again and it disappears.


My NEXTdoor neighbour (see what I did there :grin:) @toddumptious, recently had something of an avalanche in his carbon planter room. The same thing required me to revamp my base and must be something to do with the recent update on PS4.

Gek sextuplets in a space station

1 Gek

2 Gek

4 Gek

5 Gek

6 Gek

I summoned my construction specialist into a base but couldn’t find him.

It turned out that he had just gotten there and was making his way up to the base… Slowly…

Become one with the rock, they said. You’ll learn the secrets of the Atlas, they said.

I didn’t learn any galactic secrets, but I figured out how to levitate.


How do you pkant Carbon in next?