The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


Insert clever egg comment here, something related to temp’s egg picture and the comments on egg prepared around the world. Un-deviled petrified egg whites… found the shells to your eggs… I got nothing.
I just figured out that Humming eggs good, Whispering egg mostly bad, and Un-deviled petrified egg whites take to long to harvest, so I am off to buy some FeDust.


Sorry about the mess. Maybe crush some up and add to your next coffee brew?


Wait, what? That’s a thing? Googled. Interesting. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I love this page…laughing out loud made the dogs puzzled and then they started to bark at me… oooo sorry .


Capition for the pic with the creature and strange hands.

I know this…used to play it with my kids… OK ready?
Joke: creature asks…
What is this? ( showing the upturned hand)
Your response…
I don’t know.
Creature shows other hand…
A dead one of these.
Pause as the joke sets in…

Well it made my kids laugh!!!


And still… aargh man this is annoying…:neutral_face:


Hey looks like they brought out a new hotfix that introduces the long wished for Gas Giants.

This is a very new bug for me, never experienced it before.

Basically where that exocraft is, should be on a geobay beside a base on a planet.

Trouble is, the planets not there when you enter the atmosphere.

Furthermore you can actually fly into the shroud and through the other side :joy:

@Sir_oops @arpoja @Mad-Hatter @Oshoryu

I swear I did nothing… I may have left the stove and the immersion on when I went out earlier but this has nothing to do with me. This is Ratwo now. Deal with it :joy:

A reload fixes it BTW :wink:


First it’s your base mountain now it’s the whole planet. What have you done now Toddles?!


Got a tree through my ship and found some anomalous boxes.


man… those snappies hide everywhere :joy:


While in warp, my horizon point became my destination, with plants and other landscape features visible.
Upon arrival I crashed directly into the planet.
I noted this was an uncharted system so there was no space station as a point of reference.


The @toddumptious’ Base Glitch.
Apparently the ability to tear the fabric of the sim apart is still strong with the Todd, with both @Sir_oops & myself falling through the ground, where Todd’s base in our colony has ripped a hole in the continuum.


I have the same effect on radio antennas in real life, signal cuts to the static sound left over by the big bang. Starting to think I may be the universes failsafe program like Dirk Gently in both this plane of existence and the Mercury Process. That or I’m just cursed. Either way my Ego is happy to take it.


I know people like that… you’re lucky you can work on a computer without crashing it constantly, you know! :smile:


Well at least your computer hasn’t caught on freaking fire yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Well … bummer! This week’s event was not as heightened as I had hoped …



And this is why you always ensure your brake lights are working. :smile:


Talk about having your head up someone’s butt… :smile:


And to think the age rating of this game is T…