The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


I spy with my little eye - something blue.


OK. OK. Just quit wasting the eggs.


They always remind me of those little penny jellies shaped like eggs. Are penny jellies even a thing outside of Ireland and the UK? Are they even a thing in Ireland since we switched from Punt to Euro? Should I call them Centy Jellies now?


If they do not put them in a mold, they are call sunny side up in the states.

What do they call them in Scottland?



While you’re on the subject…what’s ‘over-easy’ mean?
I see it in movies and have no idea what it means.


Number six on the slideshow


"over easy " means that it gets fried on both sides, but it’s not cooked for very long on the second side, so the yolk doesn’t get cooked through and stays runny.

You learn something everyday. Never been interested enough to actually look it up & now I find out its how I have been prefering my eggs to be cooked for decades :roll_eyes:


We just call em fried eggs, do em straight on the pan. Using a mould isn’t really a done thing here, unless you wanna make them heart shaped for someone I guess.

The picture I used are actually sweets, mostly jelliten, shaped like fried eggs :+1:


I have mine over medium. Cooking eggs is a fine art. Poached, boiled, scrambled or fried to various levels of ‘done’. Breakfast can be eaten in a number of restaurants here at any time of day. :egg:


Playing in the sandbox


I teleport home to this today.

PUNT, and yes eventually it did fall down.



Sentinel Forces Deployed and there is no escape :scream: He came through the floor!


Every time my daughter spoke to this Gek, he would stand up in his chair…didn’t stand up for me…I get no respect.


We respect you. We stand on our chairs,

It’s just the way computers work - you can see the Gek, but you can’t see us.

If only you knew. All around the world, you have hundreds of people respecting you. Standing on their chairs.


I’m standing on my chair right now :crazy_face:


Summoned my ship, and this is how the auto-pilot thinks it should land… Had to jump in and spam the landing button - took a good 30 seconds to land correctly


Time to get the gyro calibrated :grimacing:


Reminds me of the good old First Encounter days :smile:


Pimped my ride…


I had a super-long NMS game session today, and I used the photo mode keybinding WAY too much:

This made me laugh for quite a bit.

To be continued:

I made the galaxy’s longest lightsaber;

And figured out how to do the dab. While levitating.

The authorities threw me out for trying to start a flash mob in the hangar.

Good times!