The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


The latter few always happen to me after I’ve sent frigates on a mission, the next time I choose t teleport, after selecting a destination I will get the screen to reconfirm the last frigate mission before it warps me :smirk:

Yours seems like a similar issue though were you able to warp at all?


I get the blueprints inventory pop up when I use my 1st base teleporter. I think it is because; behind my teleporter, I have my analyser, refiner & a signal booster. I also ocasionally get the up-into-the-sky terrestrial scanner animation at the same time as I activate the teleporter.
Since nothing ever breaks I just laugh it off but it’s quite strange.


I have been getting the same occasionally when teleporting. Often being shown something done recently, which can be anything. Never attempted to actually interact with what’s being shown. I just close out of it and all works fine (PC - right-click/ESC).


Default landing spot after teleport to base. Makes me wonder if it even takes pre-Next building parts/structures into account. It lands me next to my Base Computer as if there is nothing there.


I’m slowly learning, build as far away from Yr computer as you can, XD

The only base that actually doesn’t do this is my restored legacy base (which has its computer in the middle surrounded by a circular building by default.) which always leavea my ship on the outskirts of the flattened circular area.


Most of my builds have been with the new parts and had no issue. I often end up having my Base Computer inside for a nice ‘safe’ spawn. I just noticed how behaviour seems different with the legacy parts for some reason. I removed the above attempt for a base anyway. I did not like where it was going and will start over once the terrain has reset again. Will see how I fare with a new base. It’s silly for this to happen and will hopefully get fixed. Spawning at Base Computer instead of teleporter makes no sense either.


I think this is the case because you can warp to a base that doesn’t have a teleporter, though they really should add a check to see if you have a teleporter and then have that overwrite the base computer as the spawn coordinates.

Why else would you only be allowed one Teleporter per base if its the base computer you spawn at? I’ve a strange feeling it’s supposed to work that way but it just isn’t for some reason.

There is a way to build more than one teleporter at a base though, other players in your party can also build one too :smirk: however only the base owner can use even the ones other people build. Kind of a silly restriction the more you poke at it.


Not a viable hybrid. Didn’t even twitch.


Fallout Mirelurk?


Rejected Captions

  • “Spare Change?”
  • “Please sir, may I have some more”
  • “Take my hand, let me show you my world.”
  • Existentialism gets the better of everyone.

I know the perfect caption is out there somewhere, it’s sorrowful gaze fixed to its empty upturned hand. Anyone got a winner in them? Let’s hear it :slight_smile:


Don’t go, you misunderstand.


You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland

Might be a bit long, but I had to


“I see my rifle.”


Who can tell me what’s very wrong about this photo? (unless this is something they’ve added to the game?!)

I think I’ll just sit this one out and keep an eye on the intergalactic news feeds on these monitors until they patch the community event issues.


Umm, press square to place custom marker?


You’re living in the future?


Animals on an exotic planet.


OMG I needed this laugh today for that pic DevilinPixy. :joy::joy::joy:


Today I used @Sir_oops base as a shortcut to teleport to Edison. Took me a while to find my ship


In my restored base from Atlas Rises, the ladder is on the inside of the structure. Doh!