The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


The best thing that’s ever happened to me

In both the game and real life :joy:


Wow, those Sentinels were eager to get me after breaking an entry …


Man, I coulda sworn that this was an old / classic Dr. Who special effect…! :open_mouth:


I love this little glitch. I like to imagine the artist David O’Reilly snuck in and did this, his art and animations are known for incorporating glitches and artifacting or at least it was more prominent in his earlier works.

Here’s an episode of a cartoon he guest animated for a good example

He’s also made many shorts, art installations and most recently has dabbled in videogames

A very fun little zen game, great for when you just need to recentre your self or brainstorm some thoughts.


Haa man crazy, I was looking for some info about thia game yesterday! I thought it is pretty funny how the animals walk :slight_smile:
I’m buying it, just for curiosity!


Had a delivery to make.

Original landing spot was inside the cliff. Made another pass and got a better berth.

Fortunately the Terrain Manipulator worked.


Wow, @toddumptious . . . that is some craaaaaaay stuff!
It seems so… almost “trippy”
(I’m not even a smoker, so I can’t say I know what I’m talkin’ about, for all my years.) LOL

That’s quite a mind-job. :open_mouth:



Underground parking problems…

Needed to be this much wider! :open_mouth:


It appears that the local authorities have turned my base into a trade post.


Invisible freighter.


eminent domain?


roasting some diplo meat.

Not a hiccup, just me fooling around.


again not a glitch, but almost ever being on this station was a traveller. Then there is the double mint tiwns here.


One of these statues surrounding me is actually a living statue.

Street Art and Performance is alive and well in the Mercury process.


Quite the predicament. :sweat_smile:


Too many glitches and weirdness in my gameplay today…


Wow! That last one is rather serious. Were you able to phone home?


What the…


Oh, help and bother. I’m stuck.