Tesla autonomous driving hardware and software overview

Tesla had a Autonomous day and laid out an overview of their hardware and software for their full self driving capable cars. It is really mind blowing. They made custom hardware that runs in duplicate and compares against itself and then verifies everything. The software presentation (really good) deals with neural networks and is an enormous task to take on. I thought some of you might find it interesting.

Hardware begins at 1:09:34
Software begins at 1:51:10
Building at scale: 2:50:00

There is one moment where Musk mentions that it is kinda scary and the neural network guy just laughs. It reminds me of an opening scene of a sci-fi movie before the robots kill everyone. They also talk about how the software “sees” images in numbers like the matrix which was fascinating.

They also talk about trying to build a simulation to test it all in but it could never replicate the oddities of the real world like their cars do. That bit reminded me of Hello Games’ work. Sometimes it feels like they are creating a universe of their own.


How else is software going to “see” anything? :smile: