Take a break from the ARG and read these crazy lyrics


Reminds me of some of the predictive text Botnik Studios comes up with.


The Manfred Mann cover’s pretty good, but on the whole, I prefer the original Springsteen version. And he gets the lyrics right - I mean, he would - he wrote them.


Great, classic song! brings back good memories :smiley:


Thought this might be at home in this thread.

Any time I hear this song, I’m reminded of waking titan and No Man’s Sky.

It’s the solo project of Jenn Wasner from a small duo called Wye Oak.

This spoken word piece at the end in particular reminds me of current events.

If you’d rather not listen ill post the words for the part I’m referring to :slight_smile:

What do you dream of?
Every morning, to forget my dreams
I separate
I speak the language
I prepare my response

And as I feel myself dissolve
I remember
This is what I dreamed of
A cycle that repeats
Water, evaporating into air
Becoming the sky

So I can light a match
But I can’t tell you what fire is made of
And if we wait for an answer
We will be waiting for a very long time

So what I wish for you
I wish for all of us
We seem to be awake
But we are dreaming
We seem to be many
But we are not