If ya surf and go all over the net here is a web browser I found that blocks ads.
No ads in my email.
No ads in the mews page.
No ads in facebook.

take a peek

P.S. pages load alot faster


Downloaded and installed. Seemed to load the first page, foxnews, a little faster. I’ll have to hit the water and do some surfing.


I usually don’t get my sports from espn due to the ads and load time.

Espn came up quickly, lol

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I put this on a windows 10 with no issues.

Would like to know how it is going for those who changed.
It is an absolute change in being able to access web pages.
I find the speed to loading web pages if impressive.

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It looks interesting. How safe is this? I can’t seem to find much information out about the company.
There seems to be a link at the bottom of the Home page about learning Chinese? But I think the company Flash Peak is run by someone called Shafeng (Stephen) Cheng in Texas? What other software do their company produce and how do they make money from their ‘free’ browser?

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Appears to be part of Google? ie. * Update to Chromium 72.

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Hard to tell how safe this browser is, as scans will likely show no issues at all. Their history does not show many issues either, apart from a few. Last year there appears to have been a ‘browser hijacker’ installed when making ‘Bing’ the default browser. You can find more info here, which is an interesting read: Slimjet browser: Beware of Bing search engine | Born's Tech and Windows World
There have also been reports of the downloaded installer resulting in a hijacked install with an invalid certification (StockHub Limited - MyEss.exe), resulting in a virus connecting to botnets and alike.

Do however keep in mind that the above reports could have been ‘false positives’ and not directly related to the browser software. There are many ways to get infected when surfing. The ‘Bing’ issue however is quite strange, and appears to have been a paid deal, possibly not having known the actual consequences.

The company was initially registered in Shanghai China, but later changed to operate from Austin Texas, USA. This is likely due to Shafeng Cheng having become a core member of the Texas Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs (TXACE).

Shafeng Cheng is also a Real Estate Corporation Broker as president of UnicornTech Inc. with at least two websites (realprecise .com and bestvaluepros .com).

Shafeng Cheng is also involved with YFTECH INC. filed as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation.

Then there also ‘was’ FutureWeb Inc, which has been ‘voluntarily’ dissolved.

FlashPeek, YFTech, and FutureWeb are/were all registered to operate from the same address in Texas.

PS: On Twitter, he appears to really like Elon Musk :wink:

As for how FlashPeek earns their money, this is likely through contracts with several of the included apps and default ‘favorites’ on the main search page. They also strangely enough have an affiliate program where you can earn a small amount of money getting other users to use SlimJet. Additionally they could be selling collected data from use, as their policy is not too clear about it.

Other Software would be the SlimBrowser, which appears to soon be given up on. They also provide IntelliComplete, IntelliEdit, NetPigeon, SlimList, FlashText, BlazeFTP, AgileMail, EasyClip, and possibly more. Some produced by FlashPeek, but likely not all.

Whether you should trust this browser I’ll leave that to you to decide. I see no true indication to distrust them or assume malicious intent. I do however personally feel safer using Google or some other more renowned alternative to be honest.


WOW thanks, are you a detective>

I have used the others.

They have attacked, damaged my desktop personal computer.
Microsoft has gone the same way. The latest update in Win10 has introduced error into IE.
Edge is a piece of shit browser for accessing the web, extremely slow.
Google, FireFox, Mozilla , i have tried and have had to uninstall or restore setting.



My goodness! You must be a relative of Sherlock Holmes or Benedict Cumberpatch :slight_smile: I will not even ask how you found all that out. Or where you would even start to piece all that together. Amazing. Thank you so much for your patience and skill in finding out all that helpful information. It’s a great help and really informative. All very interesting too. Clearly you are ready for the next ARG (maybe).

Something though still niggles me and I don’t know why. There seems to be still, a bit of a mystery surrounding the origins and plans for the browser. Maybe I am paranoid because of the Huwawei news coverage and China’s alleged tech espionage claimed by the US. On the whole my browser seems okay. Just occasionally it may run more slowly because of pop-up adds. So perhaps at least for now I shall stick with what I know but shall keep a check on Slimjet as it looks promising.

If a company really has ‘nothing to hide’ then usually it wouldn’t be so hard to find out about them. But I do like Chinese food, if your’re reading this in China :slight_smile:

Thanks @DevilinPixy and @zsigmond