Supershapes and Segments in Second OLDGODS email

I mentioned this earlier and said I’d photoshop the two together so we can see how many segments each mission collectively completes.

For each mission given, beside them was a supershape (VERY important in NMS’s rendering if you followed development closely over the years). And each mission had different segments highlighted.

and here is the combined image

Now, its not super important right now because, we dont know what filling the segments will do, I guess it will signify the end of phase 2 or at least the testing from CSD for phase 2. So we can at least attain from this somehow, a rough mission count or timeframe til completion at least.

Citizen Scientist [ df7fc0edc1 ] signing off.


I just had this feeling that they could be segregating us by the experiment into diferent factions for the impending unravel… Korvax-like, Vy’keen-like, the 16 Jaded Intelects with Atlas behind… And the Gek are looking more like our antagonists, here, given the lack of output, with a chance of Sentinels coming from the North…


Good catch. Glad you are looking for more hidden clues than the obvious ones. We didn’t solve all the puzzles in phase 1, so we need to be more “Vigilant”.

Is that your Citizen Scientist code?

Mine is [ 07fafdad50 ]

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Pleasure to meet you 07fafdad50!



Nice :slight_smile: I posted an updated one of my original when the second phase of CSD emails came in, forgot to share it here too

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