Sunken Lore Dicussion [SPOILERS!]

I’ve decided to catalogue and post the new lore that’s found at sunken ruins, introduced with 1.7, The Abyss. (planning to add and dicuss the new lore also present in sunken freighters and sunken buildings soon.)

Spoilers ahead :slight_smile:

First Contact

Second Contact

Third Contact

Fourth Contact

Fifth Contact

Sixth Contact

Final Contact

There were eight parts to collect in total but I think I’ve combined two entries above :slight_smile:

I also added the message that you get at the end of each encounter as I felt the final message blended nicely in to it. The very last message is what you get upon visiting a ruin after completion of the tale. I wonder what the significance of those colours during that one specific moment? Anyone got any thoughts theyd like to share on this story feel free to post them below :slight_smile:


I can’t help but feel this is some sort of alternate origin story for the atlas, and the colored text is a big hint. Each insult is colored the same as each translated race text- gek being yellow, vykeen being red, and korvax being purple. If this orb some how were the atlas, it would finally explain the motivation to simulate only three intelligent races per iteration. It was damaged and insulted, and it’s focused on determining if those things are true. Other things of note is that note only is this person turned into glass at the end, but something happened with his eyes- I think this is a reference to the crimson glow that many travelers speak of. The new lore really brings a lot to the table. Don’t even get me started on the sunken building and freighter lore.


I think any interpretation of the new lore has to be seen in the light of what we’ve already been told.

In this case, specifically this:


I was going to post the lore from the new quest line eventually, is that what you meant by the new building/crashed freighter stuff? Or is there more I’m missing out on? I did visit one submerged freighter after the main quest line for abyss and recall just getting the usual crash log story but it did mention nada and polo, directly, and 5000 travellers… Was this new?! I thought maybe I never seen it before and was added with NEXT :see_no_evil:

Really like your take on the story, I was thinking though it may actually be an origin for this other force in the sim that is supposed to be similar to the atlas in the readings it gives off. (edit: which Polyphemus just handily posted while I was typing this. :))

What if this is the origin for “The Abyss”, we hear mention of races fleeing it and systems being wiped out by it. If the pebble is the sim and it seeks to return it to its perfect state, perhaps it sees the three races as imperfections.

I’m just spit ballin of course, there’s many holes to be poked in that.

Another idea is that it could be Nada and Polos friend, I don’t think we’re done here yet, as far as I recall we still have another week left in the community season, I think Polos gonna have more aquatic related work for us soon :slight_smile:


Sunken freighters have new lore, and they seem to suggest there was a fifth race that was a version of humanity, that was wiped out and never simulated again.
The new abandoned buildings use the “void between worlds” line from waking Titan in in game context.

This may be an origin for the abyss as well, but the orb is definitely meant to somehow parallel the atlas.


Starting to explore some of that sunken freighter lore you mentioned, very interesting stuff. Just got one about a crew with a cargo of Echoes, but they make point to differentiate them between the korvax echoes. They compare their version of echoes to a mausoleum of vanity, the souls of the wealthy who cared little for their own kind when alive.

Sounds like a direct reference to the echoes advertised by Echo-64 in the first season of the ARG. And this crew, from our real world, had gone into the simulation to retrieve echoes, and encountered the korvax with their own society based around the idea of digitized consciousness.

Another one I also encountered made reference to the fact the Vy’keen are the only racs with familial bonds similar to their own race, which makes it seem more and more like these are the logs of human characters such as ourselves and their encounters within the simulation.

I have made screens of the last few encounters, I wish I had some of the first two logs I skimmed past.

Have decided since there is more lore to the abyss than the main story and the ruins, to change the title to just all round abyss lore discussion and I hope to catalogue the remaining sunken wreck lore and witness this new abandoned building lore and share it here.