Stranded on another player's planet


There are some questions about being stranded on another player’s planet if the host leaves the game before the guest does. Any info on this would be appreciated.


Not heard of this issue of losing your planet. It should send you back where you came from when you jump out.

Screenshots v1.5-1.75


That’s what I thought too. But I logged back in when Mal was offline and I was back in his system.

Should I report it?

Also once I was sure Mal was delighted with it, I decided to stay. He’s got water on his planet. Mine had none, except in the towering clouds.


Ok. When you jump into someone else’s game, you will still be there if they log off while you are there. Everyone else should leave first and then the person who’s game you jumped into should leave last. My son is testing this out with 3 of his friends today. Will update later.
Maybe I should move this conversation to another thread as others may be able to add to the conversation.


Well, this is interesting…

18 quintillion, should be more than enough “space” to have a PERSISTENT planet, no?

Interesting, the use of the words “stranded”, or “losing your planet”…
Please elucidate?

Stranded: you “can’t get away from” what is deemed “their” planet?

Losing your planet: do you mean that, e.g. Player A was scouting a planet, but then joined Player B in “the same space”, and found that Player B’s planet “over-wrote” Player A’s planet in the same place / location??
w/ 18 quints, I’d like to think that’s absolutely not necessary… but this is certainly interesting. :slight_smile:


All good questions. I don’t know if this is a glitch or just a matter of a "we are still figuring it out’ situation. Since I have not joined a game and have only been joined, I don’t know how to answer it.


I think if your friend has all the portal glyphs and you know where you started from by using a Signal Tracker (Whatever you call that thing that lets you see the location in the universe in Hex) that they should be able to return to your old planet and then save the game. Once saved you should be able to join their session again and do the same thing to get stuck back on your planet but with a little help from your friend :slight_smile:

Also I would suggest to all to be careful when joining peoples saves with your main saves. Be sure that you are capable of traveling via portals if you do lose your way because of them disconnecting first :slight_smile:


Hopefully, we’ll have others with some similar experience come on to share about it…
(Or, others who post LINKS to same, e.g. on Reddit etc)


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Just wondering if this getting stuck business is still the same. Some Interloper joined my game. I know he had a headset cause I heard him talking. After a bit I told him I was about to shut down and gave him a few minutes. There was no response so I shut down…just wondering if I trapped a stranger. :sweat_smile: