Stasis Device vs Fusion Igniter

TLDR - If you want units, stasis devices are the best to make BUT it’s not by a lot. You make slightly less with fusion igniters but they require less mouse clicks. My personal preference is fusion igniters because you don’t have to click as much. This guide only applies to relaxed and normal mode.

Keep in mind that both stasis devices and fusion igniters cannot be made if you are a new player or starting a new playthrough, this guide is for more established players. The stasis device and the fusion igniter are the two top items you can craft and sell for units. I have both a stasis device farm and a fusion igniter farm. I’ve included a picture of what both my farms look like from the air, the farm only has 1 floor so it is a very minimal farm. You can increase how much units you make simply by adding more floors or adding more biodomes. The farm also has all 10 storage containers. There are 12 biodomes. 11 biodomes have only 1 entrance so they grow 13 plants. 1 biodome has 2 entrances so it only grows 10 plants. This is a total of 153 plants that you can grow.

The production of 5 stasis devices requires 145 plant spots, which leaves 8 plant spots for growing sac venom.

10 faecium
40 gamma root
30 frost crystal
20 solanium
5 cactus flesh
40 star bulb
8 sac venom

Sac venom is the most profitable thing to grow between nipnip, albumen pearls, and gravitino balls.

The production of 5 fusion igniters requires 150 plant spots, which leaves 3 plant spots for sac venom.

5 mordite
60 fungal mould
10 frost crystal
20 solanium
15 cactus flesh
40 star bulb
3 sac venom

So you do make more units with stasis devices, but stasis devices require glass and glass is what contributes the most mouse clicking. In fact, you’ll have to make a total of 25 glass and that’s actually a lot. A single stasis device and a single fusion igniter both sell for about 15,000,000 units, so when you make 5 and sell them you get roughly 75,000,000 units. There’s no SIGNIFICANT difference between the two. Making 1 fusion igniter requires 30 plant spots. Making 1 stasis device requires 29 plant spots, so for the 30th plant spot you can grow 1 sac venom. It’s this one extra plant spot that makes stasis devices slightly more profitable.

Making these items also requires gases and metals. You have to build many resource farms, this is the reason new players can’t do this right away. My recommendation is to build a “minimal” resource farm for the following gases:

1 - Nitrogen
2 - Sulphurine
3 - Radon
4 - Oxygen (you do not need actual oxygen, you will refine the oxygen into carbon and then a 2nd refining step into condensed carbon)

These 4 gases are required for both stasis devices and fusion igniters.

For stasis devices, you need resource farms for the following:

1 - Dioxite
2 - Phosphorus
3 - Parafinium
4 - Cobalt (refine into ionized cobalt)

For fusion igniters, you need the following resource farms:

1 - Pyrite
2 - Uranium
3 - Ammonia
4 - Cobalt (refine into ionized cobalt)
5 - Magnetized Ferrite (refine into pure ferrite)

Here is my setup for a “minimal” resource farm:

4 metal extractors or 4 gas extractors on resource hotspot
8 supply depots next to extractors
2 large refiners next to supply depots
6 electromagnetic generators on electromagnetic hotspot
1 base computer halfway between extractors and electromagnetic generators
1 base teleporter next to extractors

This setup will get you an amount of 9000 of the particular resource, whether it be a gas or a metal. If you like a particular resource hotspot for the view and there is no nearby electromagnetic hotspot, you can individually power each extractor by connecting 2 batteries and 3 solar panels to each extractor. So if you have 4 extractors you need 8 batteries and 12 solar panels. Electrically connect these components in series - extractor then battery then battery then solar panel then solar panel then solar panel. This is enough to enable the extractor to run continuously day and night. A base teleporter can run continuously with 1 battery and 1 solar panel. In all honesty, you want resource farms for everything just to make your No Man’s Sky life easier in general. Electromagnetic generators, mineral extractors, and gas extractors all require chromatic metal to make; so you may as well make a copper resource farm so you can refine the copper into chromatic metal. It’s a lot of work to set all this up, but once everything is setup you’re on easy street.

Conclusion: If you want slightly more units make stasis devices, if you want less mouse clicks make fusion igniters.


Great post, been a dilemma of mine.

Show me the money … but as fast as possible :man_facepalming:

With the latest update and need to re-expand storage and ability to have more tech and therefore more upgrades, the quest for credits is real.


Nice farm! I am all for less clicks, :laughing: lazy fingers.


Nice breakdown for both high value products! I would however not consider the Glass clicks to be a consideration, as you can adjust the amount to craft, and there is more that needs to be considered when crafting Fusion Ignitors and/or Stasis Devices. The 3 gasses aside, both also require localised earth elements, where Fusion Ignitors mostly require the high tier (Pyrite/Uranium/Ammonia) in comparison to Stasis Devices (Dioxite/Phosphorus/Paraffinium).

I think preference will in the end mostly boil down to how you decide to craft some of the intermediate products, taking refining recipes/resources into account. It also comes down to availability of some of the products required, as you do not always have to craft/refine. I personally have always combined my high end product setups with Frigate Fleet missions, as they bring back some really useful products, which will save you a lot of time effort refining/crafting. This is not for everyone of course, but I’d certainly advise looking into this, especially with the super easy teleportation we have nowadays. I have personally always found a combination to work best, considering you can not rely on what your fleet brings to the table. Having a bit of both worked wonders, and fleet produce sort of evens out, with a slight preference towards Stasis Devices if I recall correctly (it’s been a while).

With teleportation being mentioned, you can save yourself quite a few clicks (and running about) with some smart use of Short Range Teleporters to make harvesting a piece of cake. I’d also like to mention that each dome can use all 16 spots nowadays, without any issue or tricks required. In the past it would indeed take away a few slots by default, when creating connections to the domes. This is no longer the case that I am aware of, which you might want to try. Not to mention you can of course easily create a connection from the bottom to avoid this to begin with.

If you are really into trickery, you can do some glitch building and fill your domes to the brim with crops. There is technically not even a requirement for crops to be placed in the spots created for them. Harvesting is just an area based event, which is roughly the size of the full dome, if not slightly larger :wink: If you have trigger happy fingers, you can even fast click a few crops in the same default spots as well. Of course some true magic would totally ruin the fun, if you start to use tools or do some save editing, but it can do the job for sure :magic_wand: I personally prefer an aesthetically pleasing look though, with perhaps just a slight hint of magic … lol

I am happy to see how high end products have become a renewed interest again, after some of the latest changes. I have always found it a very interesting process to work out and attempt to maximise profits from. Emphasis on the process though, because once you start to master it, you soon become filthy rich to the point you can’t handle more units. Your build looks great, loving the layout and inclusion of the Trays as well. I can see you are having fun with the process as well :slight_smile: Keep at it and share your results, especially curious about your ways of doing the other half of this full process, the gasses, cobalt, localised earth elements, the refining/crafting. Welcome back …

Oh and feel free to pay Santa’s Hideout a visit and see if you can draw some inspiration.
See: Base Building and Settlements - #22 by DevilinPixy


Thanks for the input. I have expanded the guide to include gases and metals.


Whoa! You’re right, mouse clicks are irrelevant if you construct everything through the crafting tree. If you do it through the crafting tree, it will automatically make 5 glass for you. So you only have to click once to make 5 glass. I have been doing it for so long entirely from memory, so when I needed 5 glass I was clicking 5 times. So with this new knowledge my conclusion is that stasis devices are better to make than fusion igniters.


I forgot to add this to my conclusion.

When you can make 75,000,000 units every day, ship scrapping is now a viable option for you. I’ve scrapped S class ships and gotten no storage augmentation. I’ve scrapped C class ships and gotten a storage augmentation. I do not believe the class actually matters. I focus on ships that I can buy for around 6,000,000 units or less. Let’s start with 75,000,000 units and you buy a ship for 6,000,000 units, you are now down to 69,000,000 units. Scrap the ship and you will get back maybe 4,000,000 units; now you are up 73,000,000 units. The overall cost is 2,000,000 units per ship. If we divide 75,000,000 by 2,000,000 we get 37.5. But let’s round down to 37. This means you can buy and scrap 37 ships in one session as long as you stick to ships that cost 6,000,000 or less. Out of those 37 tries you’re bound to get a few storage augmentations, at least 5. This means you are paying 75,000,000 for 5 storage augmentations. If you augment your storage directly through the ship scrapper, it will cost you 75,000,000 units just to expand the storage once. You can pay 75,000,000 units to expand storage once or you can pay 75,000,000 units to expand the storage at least 5 times through ship scrapping. Granted ship scrapping does consume time.


Here is what we share on the NMS Discord when asked about Storage Augmentation drops, which are values taken from the REWARDTABLE source file for ship scrapping (ShipSalvageTable):

Below are all the possible options for getting a Storage Augmentation in the REWARDTABLE:

This image is taken from my personal interactive Google Sheet, which automagically extracts all data from the game source file to output on the sheet (based on reward selection in this case).

Note: The amount of Storage Augmentations that ‘could’ drop are not included in calculating the above odds. I can however check these ‘per’ Reward Table entry as shown in the example below: