Maximum Units

Hello, fellow timewasters.

After the completion of the latest quest, I have stayed with the new game. I am now in a position where my automated mining and gas collection facilities will provide me with as many stasis devices as I want.

What’s the maximum cash (units) I can hold, before the counter rolls over to zero?



Dear P,

I have never really been a miner. My time is wasted building and designing on the planets and in my freighter. Perhaps this link will have some useful information.



Some nicely crafted guides there, but nothing about the cash limit.

I know there was a limit to how much cash you could have - but that was years ago. I can’t remember what the figure was, and it’s probably changed now (everything else has).


I don’t know if it has changed but the maximum use to be 4,294,967,295 units (the max that fits in an unsigned 32 bit integer. It didn’t wrap so if you made it that high it just didn’t increase.


That’s what I was looking for - thank you for that. If I’m approaching 4 billion, I’ll make extra sure of my backup saves.

I may do some experiments, and see if it’s changed.

I’m only at 2.6 billion at the moment. I’ve got some way to go.


Reminds of an old topic on this. I don’t think anything has changed, but who knows. An interesting read for some perhaps?


I found that maxing out a ships slots by paying for it is a notable way of ‘burning’ currency should one feel overly wealthy & not wish to alter their investment arrangements.
I think I maxed out a Royal Exotic once & burned through over a billion. I may be wrong but that’s how I recall it. Was expensive anyway.


That’s pretty much what I’m doing at the moment. I build up my cash pile to around 2.5 billion, then I visit lots of three star economy space stations. I buy and scrap as many Class S ships as I can find.

Scrapping a Class S pretty much guarantees two expansion slots. Class A will usually give you one. You also get upgrades and enhancements. Scrapping Class S ships gets you (some) Class S upgrades.

A tweak that has been introduced recently is the ability to package upgrades. Once you own a ship, you can go into its inventory, pack its upgrades into parcels, and put them somewhere else (like your suit inventory, or another ship). You can install these in other ships you own - or you can even sell them for nanites - although they sell for a very low price.

Scrapping ships for parts has, indeed, become a major part of the game for me - and a good way of using up cash.

I’m currently working on one of those tiny, box-shaped shuttles - the cheapest, ugliest, least powerful ship in the game. I’m upgrading it to be the most powerful ship in the universe. Wish me luck.


They will also stack in storage containers. I have one dedicated for this now. If only I could open up my own market and sell them.


Yep. good luck with that! :joy:

Looking forward to hearing how that goes…