Star Ships and Freighters

Hmm… Is the fire rate "per second? If so, then the interceptor cannon is less than 0.9% better than the stock cannon. Not really much to brag about there. But I guess fully upgraded it could stack up a little better? Im not sure.

Interesting find though.


Even though we now have more room than ever for ships, I find my hangar is full. :unamused:
I have to let some things go. Right now I am choosing between my 3 pirated sail ships.
SS1 Onezaki

Nibetsu of Melody

The Antikythera Contrivance

I will be keeping the last one. I have spent too much time upgrading it and I like the sails best.
It’s like dropping off a dog down a lonely country road. :scream: It just feels wrong. How can I let any of them go?


I’m partial to the crescent sails, but hate the obstructed view.

Hello Games easily could have placed the fuselage forward far enough to give a better 1st person view.


I have been fixing up my old ships when I realized that some of the ship trails link with some of the figurines. But, only certain ones. Has anyone worked out which links with which and does anyone know what the benefits are?
Temporal and Polo
temporal polo
Chromatic and Artemis
chromatic artemis
These are two combos I have found so far.


I think theryre a wee bit redundant since they changed config of the slots. Doesn’t seem to do as much now, but all the ship trails link up with artemis & polo and give an adjacency boost. Polo increases pulse maneuvreability and Artemis pulse boost.

The others I dont think have any adjacency but do give a small boost to stuff.

Atlas boosts hyperdrive, Apollo boosts damage level, Null shields and Nada launch cost.



Atlas Figurine

+50LY Warp Jump Distance

Provides a 50 light-year jump distance bonus.

Polo Figurine

+5% Maneuvering

Provides a 5% boost for maneuverability.

Nada Figurine

-5% Launch Cost

Provides a 5% efficiency boost in ship launcher efficiency.

Artemis Figurine

+5% Boost

Provides a 5% engine bonus, and has synergy with the Polo Figurine when they are placed together.
Place all three engine trails clustered adjacent to Polo, then place Artemis touching Polo for a large maneuverability bonus.

Apollo Figurine

+Ship Damage

Provides a bonus to ship gun damage.

Info from,for%20a%20large%20maneuverability%20bonus.


Do these work in a Living Ship?


And sentinel ships?


If you put the Artemis, polo and any ship trail together, then stack for another bonus.

Edit: I seemed to miss this in the earlier post. XD


Not sure about living ships, but can confirm have done this in a sentinel ship and got it’s manoeuvrability as good as the land speeder ship we got in expedition


Thank you, i had forgotten about these and what bonuses they exactly gave


No problem, very good website for info.

I have a few of those NMSResources pages bookmarked only because the site can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack some times.

And while I recognise the problem is its very retro angelfire/geocities/homestead layout and design, thats also the thing I love most about it :smiley: Its rare to find a webpage when using broadband that loads like you’re still on 56k dial up <3