Spawned in a Discovered System

Recently I started a fresh Survival save (after they introduced the new game mode select system) and was surprised to find that the planet that I started on had already been discovered and uploaded! The system and several nearby systems had also been discovered by the same user as well.

This was actually the first time I had come across anything discovered by another player, but it seemed especially neat that it was the planet I spawned on. Strangely thrilling.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? I’d love to hear some of your stories of the first time you found someone else’s trail. :grin:


Yes. I also spawned on a discovered planet and I headed straight onto the Atlas path. Each system the path took me to was the same as this other person had gone to. I spent my time discovering and claiming all they had left untouched. After about 5 or 6 warps, I found myself in undiscovered space. I thought it was interesting and wondered what the odds were.


I suppose as more players start/restart, the ‘spawning zones’ of Euclid will become more likely to have been discovered.
I personally didn’t even see a contact marker in my map for many months of day-one startup. It wasn’t until after 1.3 that I saw another players base and it took until we began congregating in the ETARC hub, that I actually saw another player. You can imagine my surprise when a voice came booming through my TV speakers and I turned to discover an orb floating there.
All special moments. :grin:


I originally played on PS4 from day one and I do remember crossing the path of another player very early on. I never did again however, until my restart on PC back at the start of the ARG.


I’m over 300 hours in, and I’ve never come across an already discovered system or seen another player in game for that matter…I’m in Eissentam at the moment, working my way into the centre, so I expect as I get closer I will come across other players…


I was going to ask this question but found this post first. I also spawned in a system that someone else had discovered. My girlfriend found a system someone else had discovered a few weeks after the game was released but neither of us have seen any more since.

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If you locate near a hub area, you find it hard to locate a system which hasn’t been discovered.
I wish the galactic map would indicate if a system has a player base, rather than just a CONTACT marker telling you someone’s been there before.


I didn’t spawn on a discovered planet/ssytem, but several immediately around it were…