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Initially I was going to use the ‘Ones We’ve Lost’ topic but have decided this is the more appropriate thread for the following post, given the content.


Today I buried The Kernel.
13lbs (6kg) of pedigree Jack Russel mayhem.

The sweetest, miscreant canine I’ve ever known. Be it curled up on my lap by the hearth or streaking through the undergrowth racing trailbikes, she was an adorable force to be reckoned with.

For over a decade, rodent-kind feared her instictual wrath. Wild pigeons foolish enough to tempt fate, quickly discovered that there is in fact, something close to light-speed achievable.
Something with teeth.

She would ride along on the hood of our bush vehicle, riding the bumps like an athlete jumping rope & loved being perched on a motorcycle fuel tank, ears flapping in the wind, all the while, her tail wagging in an endless blur.
I always feared her wildness would be her undoing but in the end it was cancer. Boring, sneaky cancer.

Beneath her scars & her one persistently floppy ear, it disolved her down to bones. She barely slowed down until her final days. She never faded or got sad.

She still insisted on a bushwalk & a snuffle in the undergrowth, barely an hour before she passed.
Her final moments still involved a crooked smile & a gentle wag of her tail.

I’m really gunna miss that defiant little shit.


Sorry for your loss, sounded like she lived one heck of a life for a doggo <3 Jack Russells are such little balls of energy, they burn bright up until the last moment.

Much hugs to you and the family <3


After the Storms


@Mad-Hatter Just saw this…I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your adventurous companion. She sounds like an amazing friend and never ending source of potential mischief. I had a retriever mix many years ago that was always getting into some kind of trouble. I think she ended up being more dear to me because of it.

Thinking of you. :heart:




So steampunk


You think those are just regular sized doors and “how is this not just your average standard european train station?”. Then you see the people next to the doors and the scale of the interior suddenly smacks you square in the face. <3 I honestly thought they were traffic/detour cones leftover for the building works until I realised they were hi-vis people XD

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Did some tie-dye on this jacket, which I made my additional ‘patch’ target. Just expected more of the cloth to catch the dye, especially the back. Might have tied it a bit too tight, so I am now considering doing another tie-dye run. I have kept the soda ash and have mixed dye left over in bottles anyway. Might look for some shirts too.



Was fun to do this again, been ages since I last messed with this a while.


:eyes: nice!!! Have not done tie dye in ages but it is a timeless look.


Tie-dye tiger look. I like it! :heart_eyes:


This was how I learned Roisin Murphy is still making music <3 Thanks dev, love the tie-dye <3


He. The dye of the tiger?


Ah yes, that was a recent vinyl purchase I was willingly lured into after they already got my money for a signed Orbital (CD set)

(a bit off-topic, but oh well, creative artwork, right?)


Bought some cheap white shirts to leave the rest of the prepared dye on.
Worked out ok, although the purple turned out mostly blue.


When I was working at a letterpress print museum I had the same problem with my purples when doing rainbow prints for pride month. The red was a heathen too for eating up all the other colours. It was a lovely shade of blue but not what I was going for so I find this dress very relatable. Unlike that blue and black one. Or was it white and gold? Two-faced dress!! Sorry, it’s a sore subject.

Happy accident two years ago when we were doing a limited run on some prints come Pride month.

Some kids from the local school were in to do a project to celebrate 100 years of Irish Women earning the right to vote. They got to make their own polling posters and pull prints from a replica plate made from a canvasing print from the era.

The lock didnt release on the return journey and the packing paper on the roller got printed on.

Fast forward to the following week and I grab out the forme my colleague and I had prepared (it was mostly my colleague, I just assisted in teaching them how to set type <3.)

The printer in use is a vandercook proofing press designed to double up as a commercial printer for smaller operations. It was the first cylinder based proofing press and took that part of the print industry by storm, as a result they’re very common today amongst those reviving the process and carrying the tradition.

It has a single roller for applying ink which means, for multi colour you will need to clean and reset the roller every time so generally we stuck to single colours for print demonstrations and projects.

Nothing stopping me from setting up the cylinder to do a rainbow roll though :smiley:
It’s tricky as the cylinder oscilates so you have to plot your colours (also all mixing done by hand/sight using Cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white printing inks to get the correct shade, tone and colour; was a VERY fun learning process)

Man my short story is becoming long… Anywaaaay…

So I had my roller inked up and was unlocking the cylinder to place my page when I was greeted by this message, which very much reflected how I feel about all of this stuff… Two causes collided in an unforeseen way and it was a nice message to get before printing off a few hundred of these to give away to visitors all month

Took me twenty minutes to realise instagram was not going to let me save my own photos onto my desktop and that PrtScr was my friend aaalll along. Inspecting page source no longer as easy as it once was. Cheers Meta…

As you can see one of the school groups poster messages for “mNa 100” was left printed on the platen cylinder <3 Beautiful message :slight_smile: Also great use of the number 3 XD (some of our font collections are incomplete and vowels are always in high demand)

There IS both blue and purple on that roller, my phone camera just couldn’t handle the subtle shade blend XD

I think the museum has footage of a few of the prints running off on their reels if you go back 2 years, but do check out their instagram anyway as it is full of lovely schtuff

it also looks like they still had some of that last print run left over last year too :slight_smile:

While I’m here, have some bonus close-ups of letterpressed yum, made these during lockdown for safety reasons ;-;

I just used a very basic proofing press for this, manually inked the moveable type with a hand roller for some fun colour combos and fades. Used large wooden type so you get those beautiful imperfections only time can bring.


A shame to be using my phone for this; deserves a lot better. Came across this patch of Lily pads floating in the water during a walk. There are also two grebes hiding in there at the bottom right.

The close-ups are not that sharp.


Lily pads are so cool. Wish I could sit on one and float around.


They say it is edible. The Japanese use them in food. Anyone want a bite?


It, is, so, hot here…:fire:
So I have returned to a crochet project using chunky chenille yard. So soft. So cushy.

Edit: I have now started a journey into amigurumi. I ordered some safety eyes but I may stitch some while I wait. Hope to have a chocolate chip cookie to share soon.


Need a little more practice on stitched eyes but not too bad for a first try. Now, going to get myself a glass of milk :yum:
Opted for this instead. Good combo.

1 cookie is never enough

Added some highlights
And the madness continues