Slay The Spire

Slay The Spire is an indie rouge-lite card battling game that’s been out for about a year, you might of heard of it, it was doing the rounds with gaming Youtubers for a time. I just got it and now I am insanely addicted to it. Here’s a few videos of me beating some of the “final” bosses.

Have you played this game or are interested in it? Discuss below!


Hmmm, it’s not the type of game I’d typically choose. I watched a streamer play it but he didn’t explain the rules or his strategy. It all seemed so arbitrary, like two RNGs playing against each other. :woman_shrugging:

What did you like about it, what gives the player a feeling of success?


It’s incredible, when you first start out, it’s really simple, your deck just has attack and defend cards, but each enemy you beat gives you a choice of 1 of 3 cards to add to your deck. As you learn the strats for different kinds of deck you can build and memorize what each card does, you can start chaining them really fast! It’s super fun and addictive!


Not that it makes me look like any less of an RNG, but here’s me with the most insanely powerful deck I’ve ever built, challenging the true final battle of the game.

And now I was able to beat one of the final bosses in one turn. Full disclosure, I had some special buffs from the daily challenge, but this also had negative effects, so it’s still a bit of an achievement.


Now I was able to get a little farther in the battle against the final boss, and also unlock Ascension level 3!

I finally beat the toughest Act 3 boss with the Watcher (a holy monk that prays to the gods for divine power)!

I finally beat the final battle of Slay The Spire and got the true ending! This fight gets pretty insane!

And now I beat it in the ninja character! (I am so ridiculously addicted to this game!)

Finally beat the game with my favorite character, the mage!

And finally, I beat the game with the last character, the Watcher, the holy monk. Now that I’ve beaten it will all the characters, all that remains is to reach ascension level 20 (beating the Act 3 boss many times with increased difficulty each time) along with other various achievements.

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