SingularityNET, a new system for sharing and connecting AI, could become the real Singularity


SingularityNET, which is connected to Hanson Robotics, creators of Sophia, a highly human-like robot powered by AI, is getting up and running.

It will be a system for sharing and connecting AI into a giant collective.

They have even begun generating their own crypto-currency, similar to bitcoin, for trading on their system.

I will put the link to their website below. It seems like the kind of thing Hello Games would be into, very techie and indie since it encourages programers who are not part of big companies to contribute their AI. Maybe HG could link up with them and create a real Atlas AI?


Oh geez. AI kinda creeps me out.


Especially since their website is very similar to the ones from Waking Titan (yes, I know, they were in typical corporate website layout).


Good fInd!

Signed up for email updates. Will follow up if they send anything interesting…


Update: On December 21st, 2017, SingularityNET will begin generating their crypto-currency, which will be an effort of 20,000+ AIs linked together.

According to the video below, Sophia the robot says that this will also enhance her AI processing in some way.

Could Sophia be a real-life version of Emily, and are we about to see the first stress-test of the awakening of the true Singularity?

Ben Goertzel, the Founder and CEO of SingularityNET, has even said that creating the Singularity is his main goal.


One of Ben’s more recent talks on how to build the Singularity.


I made my own video about SingularityNET, which includes my thoughts and opinions about it.



Today, December 21st, 2017 at 5:00pm London time, SingularityNET starts processing.

Will today go down in history?


SingularityNET’s Youtube channel just uploaded this video after their network went up.


Where is Emily hiding?


So in the future, when the AIs are all chatting to each other on social media, are they going to be refering to humans as ‘meatbags’ (aka Bender/Futurama) & scoffing at ‘human era’. :grin: