Short Range Teleporters issue with power

As reported before (see here), the Short Range Teleporters (SRTs) have since the Desolation (2.6) update been broken, no longer having a power requirement. I have once more reported this issue to Zendesk in hopes for it to be fixed.

Several of my bases use those SRTs as a prominent feature and it saddens me to see them broken. No longer are we able to control the power input of those SRTs with the use of logic to do really cool things. Instead it shows the icon for requiring power, but actually not requiring any power at all to result in a direct teleport upon entry. My best example would of it’s use would be my Zoetrope 360 base:

I have created my own mod since, just to change a single value back to how it used to be (PowerCost value=5). This completely fixes the issue. I had since Desolation assumed, this was done as a quick hack by Hello Games to have the SRTs working inside Derelict Freighters without requiring power. This assumption turned out wrong after testing, as the SRTs on Derelict Freighters, appear to be fully functional with my modification installed. This leaves me clueless as to why this was actually changed.

Hopefully HG will come across my report and considers fixing it.