Short Range Teleporter not requiring power

The Desolation update appears to have broken the Short Range Teleporters. I guess this is due to changes made, adding these to the Derelict Freighters.

Basically the main issue is the fact that Short Range Teleporters no longer require power at all. You no longer have to hook them up to the power grid to function. You just step into it and it functions, even though it visually shows to not be powered. This breaks a lot of my setups and some of my bases, where logic is hooked up to the power network, controlling when a teleport actually happens. This now completely fails and instantly teleports the player around instead.

I dove into the source files and I believe I have located the culprit. Some of the ‘entity’ files for the Short Range Teleporter have changed, in particular the MINIPORTALTRIGGER.ENTITY.MBIN. Looking at the changes between versions, component data has been added to specify the PowerCost, which has a value of 0. This allows you to teleport free of charge, whereas if I change this value to 5, which used to be the default, it functions properly again. I am however not sure how this will affect behavior of SRTs on Derelict Freighter.

I created a mod to make this change for now, to at least be able to continue working on my current project without issues. I have also reported the issue to Hello Games, to hopefully see this fixed with a future update.


The mini teleporters (or maybe it’s bases) now have an option to self-power. Maybe the default is mistakenly wrong.


I think you are referring to the option to auto-power available on the Base Computer when playing in Creative Mode. This option is however not available in any other game mode. The Short Range Teleporters do not have any options for self-powering either.

For as far as I can tell, they just messed up, possibly assuming this was a working hack to get these to work for free on the new Derelict Freighters.

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