Ship cloned itself three times

first clone

third clone, dont have a screenshot of the second.
it hasn’t cloned itself since january so i thought the latest patch fixed this-guess not. this ship was found extremely early in my playthrough (third planet i ever visited), and being an a-class (nutenaza’s defeat), i of course claimed and repaired it asap, and used it until i got my utopia speeder. haven’t scrapped the original, non-cloned ship due to sentimental value. i built a base here since there were several copper deposits and supplies nearby. there seems to be no pattern to the cloning, other than the fact that the ship, its slots, their damage and the location seem to be identical. the first couple times it happened, i left the planet and didnt return for days, then came back to a clone, but this time i didnt even leave the planet, just teleported to the base, gathered fungal mold and raided depots for half an hour, and came back to a clone. this was awesome early game since i could scrap the clones for millions of free units, but now that money isnt an issue, it’s just blocking my terminals and prohibiting use of my landing pad. has anyone ever had this issue? would scrapping the “mother” ship stop the clones from appearing or will i need to wait for a patch? also a vykeen appears at my landing pad when the clones show up, acts like any other “this lifeform is willing to trade and discuss the sale of their ship” npc except for the fact that they “own” an unclaimed, heavily damaged ship, and disappears when i claim it, but they’re not causing problems, the ship is.


That’s weird. So it clones its original damaged version…


Early in your playthrough means, years ago, or months ago? If it was years ago, is it possible that the point of interest was updated by HG? Are you saying it has somehow become a mix of old a new POI behaviours?

Maybe a few years ago, you found a salvageable/scrappable crashed ship POI, without pilot NPC, and build a base around it. And later HG updated the POI generation to a “crashed ship with dejected pilot sitting on box outside”? Can you still take it or scrap it? Usually the POIs with pilot don’t let you take the ship.

Did you ever interact with the distress beacon?


I’ve noticed *on occasion), following an update, that past encoynters sometimes reset; such as Damaged Technology & other such on-world finds. I’d put it down to a memory thing, where non-recent interactions get forgotten thus permitting various interactions to be reset.
Ships may also be affected by these minor resets resulting in the clones.


the beacon never refreshed, but the damaged machinery re-breaks and gives me different rewards each time, more often than the ship respawns. i found this one late december. this was a crashed ship with no surviving pilot. i think the vy’keen that spawns is just the game assuming “non-player owned ship near landing pad, must be owned by an npc, make random npc.” i can take the ship whenever i want when it does respawn, although base expansion means that it now respawns inside my house and has to be evicted through my freighter. hasn’t respawned a fourth time… yet.