Sentinals as a Creature

Have not been able to find this information elsewhere or possibly I was not using the right search criteria, and perhaps no one else has noticed or cared but since the beginning I have noticed that the quadrupedal sentinels appear as a life form in the visor with a red dot. After destroying or killing the quadrupedal sentinel the red dot appears underneath a floating red “contact lens.” Although not tracking or logging the probability of the quadrupedal sentinels showing as an unscanned creature in the visor before destroying is probably 90 to 100 percent of the time and perhaps 80 to 90 percent after destroying.

It is not possible to be credited as a scanned creature although I have on occasion spent a bit of time trying to resolve this. Especially back in the original release I also noted that when this occurred I was rarely, if ever, able to find the very last missing creature.

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What happens if you scan the 4 legged sentinel?

Nothing happens when scanning a quadrupedal sentinel be that before or after destroying same. The red dot for an unscanned creature remains and I wasted a couple of hours over the course of a week or so trying to figure this out but that was probably September 2016 and only recently have I started to again see if there was any previous reporting, acknowledgement or resolution as to whether or not this had any meaning or not.

Funny but the first mention of a sentinel appearing as an unscanned creature appeared on Steam forums within two hours after I posted this. Again, it is possible that I did not use the right search criteria in the past.

Obviously this is not a bug because it does not appear to impact game play although I finally started giving up searching for the last creature or two if I had destroyed a quadrupedal sentinel because of my lack of success in finding those last creatures once I did so.

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I’m gonna start poking sentinels and see about this red dot after work tonight haha