Whois commands


I typed in whois sentinel on waking titan and got an interesting story. I know we have used the races but I never saw anyone use the sentinel name.


I think Sentinel was there before, but I don’t remember what it said. Can you tell us a few lines of the lore? I can’t check on PS4.


I believe this is already known.

whois sentinel
They are coming, now. The screams of my friends resonate in
every hall, every corner. The Sentinels have found me.
I told Nada to leave. I told them what we already know, all
of us, in our hearts… we are not alone. Even if I die,
even if all that is left of me are these words, Nada will
find me again in another universe. Ten just like me,
a thousand, a million Travellers…
We are not alone, for every soul is many. Even in the face
of sixteen, we must declare that we lived. We existed,
no matter the horror of the end. They are at my door. I –


Yes it is known since phase 2 :wink: