Screenshots v1.5-1.77



Nice, I didn’t know they had a Pratchett quote


This reminds me, when I first died in this game on launch day, I repeatedly killed myself a few more times just to see what other quotes they had :slight_smile:


I actually saw that one once. I found it really hilarious considering Rincewinds “Mission Patch” in the book: Morituri nolumus mori! :rofl:


We who are about to die, don’t want to! Rincewind is probably my favorite character - although it would be a close call with many others


Nah, I’m with Sam Vimes all the way! :smile:




I really like those planets





Hopefully the next big update comes with a lens cloth add on, so many smudges and hairline scratches have built up on my camera over the years :blush:




First time seeing these, were they introduced in abyss or part of visions? They’re not storm crystals, and they had a flowing watery texture to them.


Abyss, but I haven’t seen any on land yet - that’s neat


It’s a glitch. It can happen if there’s a cave beneath the ground that’s filled with water. So they spawn in the water, but stick out of the ground due to their size.


maybe the planet was once covered in water, and over billions of years, the water receded, and while most of the aquatic life perished and turned to dust, those odd crystals remained.



I need a good name for this rock formation on my homeworld.

… and uh, this one too …


That’s a beautiful shot. I’m always looking for great landscapes.