Screenshots v1.5-1.77




Entering the black hole…

Just a side question… how much am I supposed to travel (approximately) when I go across a black hole? because from 700089 ly from core I travelled less than 20 ly… lol

So maybe this black hole was bugged.


The green sky was very beautiful … plenty of these nebula!


Nah, I wouldn’t say so. Black holes carry you a long distance across the galaxy, the operating word being across. In other words, you end up a similar distance from the center, just in a completely different place.
I’ve never seen as little as 20 lightyears, but I’ve also never seen anything above 3000 or so lightyears.


haaaa ok!!! So the way you explain it, I now understand… so you don’t get closer to the center but completely in a different place! ok ok ok…


Well, not significantly closer, in any case. At least not after the early game, but during the early game fixing up that boat again can be a real pain. I’ve never had a black hole jump where I got further away, so there’s that.


Green Hi-drogen! First time!


So the best way to the center is to follow the path given given by Nada? I have never tried going there myself.


Some pics since the Visions update.

Blood red caves look like the insides of a giant creature.

Happy to report Gravatino Hosts are not extinct.

This planet had the most intense orange hue and massive plantlife.


Black holes send you in a spiral, you can average 8k closer with each one, unless you are in the outer rim areas close to the fade - in which case you can find hyper black holes


I think blackholes can go further than hyperdrives, but then you have to deal with ship damage. So yeah, direct is probably better but the given path tends to meander a lot. Probably best to just keep pointing towards the light and warping as far as you can.


Do a combo-meal, pick a black hole around 2k towards the center, use it for another 8k or so - average 10k a jump. The black holes won’t damage the default tech you are stuck with on each ship, so grab a junker with no upgrades for it. If you use you freighter to jump to the bh, you can just run down and hop in that floating trash can and go.


Not necessarily, since that computes very short jumps. With a good hyperdrive you can take routes that jump through a lot of empty space the generated route navigates around.

Further yes, but in distance traveled closer to the center, I have never had a black hole jump that could beat two jumps of a good hyperdrive. And those two jumps are a lot less hassle. Unless you’re using SingularGleams method, that works fairly well.



Have fallen in love with the night again



Wow! I have noticed a lot of golden shades with Visions but, that is luxurious. :open_mouth:




Pet size?