Screenshots v1.5-1.77


Dracula might find this to his liking.

Night view.


I love the fact that we can incorporate the new items right into the local flora.


The pictures of the space station are crazy Kilitrak!!
Very well done!


What in the world is this?? I guess we didn’t get any preview from that one! Is it flora?:scream:


I stumbled across these yesterday! The view from inside the ship :open_mouth:

I renamed them by Les_Marquises

One of them showed this

Anyone ever heard about Chromatic Fog planets?

Rain of the Atlas? :roll_eyes:


1.75 - changed my home planet from summer green, to autumn brown…wonder if seasons are part of the update…


More 1.75 …





Still in love with that “Rain of Atlas” Chromatic fog planet…
The Sentinels are frenzied (which brings a little action)!

Look at the atmosphere! (no filters this time)

Agressive hu? :smiley:



Somewhere in a rogue Vy’keen system there hides a space station among the dust of celestial rings. Onboard you’ll find a wretched hive of scum and villainy. This system is known locally as Smugglers Belt.

Slimming Girdles: Now comes in planet size.


Where do these things come from? BAM! They are suddenly on you. :scream:


I’ve never seen one before…


Yip as soon as you break down one of the protective layers of the buried tech [salvage] they appear and attack, and this happens each time its about 4/5 per salvage operation until you can claim the old tech



A picture worth a thousand words

I am not at all sure the asteroids should be there. In fact, they weren’t once I exited my ship. They return when I get back in my ship. I am doomed. :smile:


I get the feeling we are following each other around in circles sheralmyst

A circle of hearts


Woah! That’s one heck of a view!!! Great use of a really wide focal length! Beautiful.


Thank you! :blush: