Screenshots v1.5-1.77


Kind of reminds me of Sid from Ice Age. :grin:


Gek Collector



Does anyone remember the old windows screen saverJohnny Castaway? That came to mind with this image.


I like even the flora. Here. a close-up.

And one by night with Torch on for accent…




felt like this had really good depth





Orbiting local cataclysm. Research team ready to deploy.




Pulse Drive




I zoomed in for a closer look and got a jump scare from your curvy Anomaly :joy: sneaky bendy person caught in a lens warp


Yes. I wondered how you kept that bottom photo above so straight. Or it just looks straight…:grin:


That ones with fov set to 50 so there should be no curvature, which is wonderful news for flat earth theorist nuts, bad news for anyone trying to talk sense into them.

I also am quite a distance away from the scenery, if you notice the Alien Plaque on that island you’ll see it is far away, whereas these cows are small.


So, I wake up on this Captain America looking landing pad.

Planet is a little warm. Now I remember, I was looking for an extreme environment… for science, and this wasn’t it, but it did have a terminal and I needed uranium.
While I was there, this creep kept staring at me. I heard his head turn, felt his gaze, turned around quick and caught him, but he looked away… creep!

Anyhow, I got my fuel and on my way out, I see a very wise, but ticklish, giant mushroom crab.


Maybe … dragonfly?