Screenshots v1.5-1.77


I hop out and think, oh good, the air is pink, there is a scary looking thing over there and I see a dragon head bouncing along the ground. In other news, the sentinel activity is average, and the weather forecast calls for “Corrupted Blood”. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to explore this planet.

I thought, that’s probably a plant. Then I thought, that plant might eat me.



For this latest Community Event, I seem to have shifted into a simulation where Nada and Polo do not exist…:scream: This has left me lost and confused. The only thing for me to do is carry on. Perhaps a few portal jumps will set me right.
In the meantime, I have found this Wine Dark planet with Carmine Winds. I have no idea what those are like so I think I will hang around to find out.


Great location in deep, high cliff crater


Kick back, watch the world go by…


Hmmm. A color-coordinated system, space station included.


Best Mountains on a planet encountered so far. I need to get back to video and try capture them, i stood at the foot of this peak for a while plotting a climbing route, I am a mountain man in real life. [Me on the peak for scale]

Yip thats me in the middle on the cave floor for scale…cavernous indeed

Every explorer needs a wingman…er pineapple?


Just the other day I tried to sprint melee jet pack over a ravine, and it was wider, way wider, than any I had ever encountered. As I was free falling, I thought to myself, scale, had finally arrived. That kind of thing is still rare, but it’s out there. You captured it well.


Pirate hunt

Just look up…


So a strange thing happened in the lounge area on my Freighter. After selling a few things, I headed for the hangar. As I passed the Capillary Shells, there was a strange sound and a flash of light as if I had been scanned. My Gek bartender mumbled something I could not understand. I left, feeling slightly uneasy. So many things have gone wrong lately. What’s next? :scream:

Seriously, there was a vertical bar of light and a sound like a scanner…



HA! There was a kzzzkktt…, they tried to take them…kzzkkt struggle… violence kzzzzkktt lights and some weird Gek sounds kzzkkt… I defended. They changed shape, turned kzzkkttt… blue…kzzzktt… 250 now kzzzkktt… one.


I would stand waaaaayyy back from that refiner if I were you. :scream: :grin:


this was the first base I built in Next, I used this refiner to craft… it’s an antique, with sentimental value. I had to build around this thing, it’s been a fixture since I started. I hate that I can’t move it, but at the same time I’d miss it if it went away.


That’s so sweet. I left my first refiner behind on some long forgotten world…actually, I have done that 3 times now…yeah…so sad. :roll_eyes:


Nothing like mirror balls for Christmas.


Like @kliktrak, I found some mountains today. I agree that they’re much better.