Screenshots v1.5-1.77


My daily quest for QS brought me to this Deathly Green Anomaly

Which was not exactly what I was expecting

I finally found some land

Took a dip into the water

Then went back into space and darted about 1/4 of the way around the planet Hmmmm…

So I decided to dart a little farther by heading for the rings. This looked promising.

Yes! I found land.

Decided to do a little spelunking. I found the purple and yellow ochre to be very appealing

All was going well until I was attacked by this 6 legged creature.

That was followed by one of the planets many Deadly Pressure Variation storms. I decided to take a break at the Space Station.
I wanted to do a little shopping then realized I had lost my wallet.

At this point, I really could have used a drink so I pleaded with the bartender.

He seemed to be sympathetic and offered me one on the house.

But something was suspicious…

Once I realized what had happened, he begged me to keep silent. I agreed to…for a price.
This gave me just enough to complete my shopping spree.






Never found one of these before.

Gave me 4 Chloride Lattice




Oops…I got carried away exploring under water, without my Nautilon. So I thought I was headed to shore but, after the land slowly sloped up, it suddenly dropped back down. I popped up to take a look around and found I was a lot further away than I intended…well, at least I get to see a rainbow…before I drown… :scream:


The forest had a valley, with a clearing, in the shadow of what looks to be a huge volcano. The important part is the two settlements in ultra close proximity. More, more like this.


:heart_eyes: super amazing!


Vermilion Planet


sometimes there is traffic, even in space…

I dig the green filter



I’m thinking Christmas ornament (Gek).



Heavy is the head that wears the crown.



Its anomalous.