Screenshots v1.5-1.77


While exploring this ice world I came across one of the biggest cliff faces I’ve ever found.
And yes…of course I jumped off!


Mrs Mad Hatter; off exploring new worlds.


Mutant Plants.

Desert Palm details enhanced by torchlight.

My new desktop background.



Land of the Long grass


Amazing colours!


Tropical planet / Weather stable, the journey continues…


Buildings !

Saw this guy while travelling! :sparkles:


Tikeyeru Void, pt. 2
I started the game back on the island where I last stopped.

My next stop was an airless, “Forsaken Planet.” I used the filmic filter for these images.

I found a very nice planet with lots of water and found a monolith there after exploring a little with an exocraft.
The planet was covered with strange walls and mounds.

The monolith led me to an ancient ruin. My spacesuit and the chest complemented each other perfectly.

After shamelessly looting the ruins, I went for a swim. A superheated rainstorm kicked up as I left the water, so I decided that it was high time I left for somewhere colder.

Here we go…


Corrupted Worlds


Tracking down the Atlas Seeds brought me here


V1. 7 :slight_smile:


What kind of wreck is that?


The harvestable kind :blush:


You want to tell me this is Flora?


IT, wants you to know this.


1.7 spoilers The ocean is now truly beautiful and full of wonder.


May want to keep clear of those vents when they start making noise, grab as many crystals as you can!!


No Man's Sky Photographers!

Our journey continues with yet another sci-fi…


Guy asks for a ℞.—Doc says: “Dude, it ain’t writer’s block; It’s traveller's overwhelm!”

Diagnosis reads: “Gameplay, paintings, poems, music, spoilers, majestically bazaar, simplistic, probabilistic, soothing/sublime, adorably monstrous, dangerously cute, joint exploration, solo contemplation, popular, should be popular, probably a good reason not to be popular, that time when the game glitched and ProcGen melted before you as you watched your 16 cohorts be catapulted into dual singularity, Mother Atlas and her Sentinel Minions, ok I made all that up myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, just simple stuff and whatever…”—Dr. Crim | ℞ reads: “Creative Sub-Category

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Purge thy Sanity!

May the force be with thy trigger finger :selfie:


Exploring New Frontiers.

Lost Souls.


Hot Crystals.