Screenshots v1.5-1.77


I tried that, first thing, with the crashed freighter too :slight_smile:

As for those bathosphere like fauna, they look like they’re connected to the planet by giant circuitry. Which makes their carbon deposits even more perplexing :thinking:


I have not seen one of those yet…:disappointed_relieved:
But I did see one of these!

And it was worth it too. :money_mouth_face:


Did you ‘see’ it before or after it had a nibble on you? :grin:
I haven’t seen any big, bad fishies yet.


Just pull one of the shiny little orbs…

Ok I give up…can’t seem to blur it. Thanks Dev!


Ok, this is epic.

It’s like a metallic liquid(mercury? :thinking: ) that floats in the water. Interacting with it channels some kind of clam entity that portrays itself in a hologram. First lore I got out of it was apart of a bit of lore I found datamining during WT S2. Really interesting- wonder if it was planned, or if they saw people took an interest in it and just decided to include it.


Even if I don’t see the pictures because I don’t want to be spoiled, I put a like on every picture coming from The Abyss patch… :joy::joy:





Before 1.7



Probably a side effect of global warming? :grin:


Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, …

Life is but a dream!


I had an eventful day. From deep space

To the depths of the ocean

It was good to be home again. I knew I had been gone for a long time but, was I really gone that long?


That middle one reminds me of Joshua Trees


So far, the caves since NEXT don’t hold the same level of colorful satisfaction for me as ones prior to NEXT. :disappointed:


River cruise

Nice looking cave…

Carefull tight fit

And…backing up…


Honestly? I love caves since NEXT. They’re a lot more varied and unpredictable, forming quite impressive structures at times, while before NEXT they were mostly just tunnels.


Everybody, quiet… We’ll be alright so long as it doesn’t see us





Yeah, the cave structures are fine, but the caves that I’ve visited so far since NEXT are nowhere near as colorful and flora and glowing structures are mush less plentiful. Since xenophotography “is my thing” that’s a “turn-off.”


:ghost: Ghost In the Machine :ghost: