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So this is the kind of day I have had.

No. This is not a glitch. This is what I get for trusting the Atlas.
And now we are under a tornado watch…(in RL) the fun is not over yet! :sunglasses:
The day had some pleasant moments though.


The All Seeing Eye


Stay safe hope you dont need to find a Wizard to get back :wink:


Just clicked my ruby slippers and said " I want to go home". :grin: Lots and lots of rain and wind but no tornado.


“We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto…”


Inverted Superstorm


Spent the day looking for a place for an underwater base. When I saw the description for this planet, I just had to check it out.

I liked what I saw on land so I decided to do a little diving.

At first I was unimpressed as it looked mostly like the ocean back home. Then I realized I was being watched…maybe all was not as normal as it seemed. I proceeded with caution.

It wasn’t long before I noticed the fish around me swimming as if something had scared them. I turned just in time to see this amazing but deadly, venom -spitting creature.

Fearing I would be next for dinner I jetted away and ran into these friendly, befuddling wonders.

I decided this must be the place I was looking for. Upon reentering the Nautilon, I scanned for ancient ruins and was not disappointed. My only concern was if the site would be accessible. Relief swept over me as the site came into view.

This was it, the place I was looking for. The site of my new home. I quickly constructed a few basic necessities and decided to call it a night. I settled in for a good nights sleep at the bottom of the deep blue sea. Sweet dreams.



Submerged Cliffs

To the Light


Abandoned Building



I found an amazing underwater cave system that stretches from one side of a continent to the other. Sigh, finally a perfect place for an underwater base.

It even has a deep trench like a roadway leading to the entrance. I am really loving “The Abyss”!


Awesome structure, plant thingy. :smile: Too bad you can’t hollow it out and live in it. It’s like an aquatic Hobbit home. :sunglasses:


New-to-me trees.


“Go to the light!”

Yeah no thank you. Hard pass.


Please be careful down there, stay away from pebbles of perfection and if you start to turn to glass then get the hell out!

They may all just be metaphors or symbolism for something much more grandiose and cosmic but just to be safe we should take them literally too


There’s fish with spitting attacks now? Seriously? Gives me some hope for the future that we might see some differentiation in creature abilities in general.



Well, he was definitely attacking the other fish and it was preceded with a green cloud. Certainly looked like a venomous attack. The fish would then roll over and sink to the bottom.


Hmmm, might just be fish blood.


True…I didn’t really get close enough to say but, even if it is blood, that is something new because I have never seen any blood in the animal attacks on land.


When you shoot critters you do get a misting of green something.


Goo. It’s Green Goo ™.

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