Screenshots v1.5-1.77


I found one of those “dark planets” with a yellow hue. It affects the oceans too.



I will test that underwater and get back to you. :grinning:



Next stop… everywhere…


Its fun fun fun on the aquabahn


A few shots from my visit to the Dark Side for the weekly event.


I saw a similar base above water, using the new ‘underwater’ parts. Was wondering how they did this …


I havent tested it but perhaps maybe they’re placeable anywhere once your avatar is under a certain depth rather than the object?


Fish feeding frenzy



I just had to touch it. Jet pack upgrade to the rescue! :scream:


They’re much less of a threat than biological horrors with a fully upgraded scatter blaster…
They should add some piranha-style fishies that attack in swarms and move really fast. Now there’s something that could get pretty dangerous even for high-level players.




Not sure what I love more, the cabled pods or the artichoke, lol. I love the new underwater features.


Please have a seat. Don’t be nervous. Everything will be just fine.


I love the pond/lake/ocean changes. A lot more variety, new species, varied shapes, and more color.


Before this last update, sentinels didn’t care if I eliminated predators. Now it seems that they do.

“No free slot in suit inventory” gets old after a while.


I’m glad nobody hinted at what lures the big, nasty, fishy. The fright, followed by the howling laughter while I paddled for my life was great fun.
NMS needs more stuff like that.
HG :+1:
My very new save character survived the ordeal too.