Screenshots v1.5-1.77




Some photos I took for the Community Event that started today. Some I just popped right out of my ship and snapped. Ended up going back to my home planet to finish it off. I kinda like these photo missions. Wish I ran into more of them. Y’know… for obvious reasons. lol


Mirror Settlement:

Abandoned Building (with the new updates I don’t touch these anymore… lol):

Trading Post:




Arrived at the Community Event planet, and ready to get those Sweet Units!! :sparkles:

Saw this guy as soon as I arrived! hehe :sparkles

Happy QSu hunting !




I read about this recently but can’t recall where. It has to do with a player going through a portal in a specific way – might be related to port address current and distant. The games leaves the outgoing portal active – likely a minor bug. I have not tested, but I also think the known “portal address bug” still exists. Has anyone tested this?


Changed the photo-filter, eh? I notice a distint lack of overwhelming purple-pink in those community event shots. :wink:




I hope we get real space bases sometime. For now this will do :wink:


Exploring the Tikeyeru Void:
I decided to start traveling through a region called the Tikeyeru Void, located quite near the galactic core on Euclid.
It was quite eventful:
I entered the first system to find myself in the midst of a raging battle.

Sadly, the freighter was a rather disappointing C-class (+2 hyperdrive) so I bid the captain farewell and kept exploring.

The next system of note had a very nice looking planet. I guess I’ll check that out…


Paradise Moon! :sparkles:


I always enjoy it when someone posts a pictorial tale of their recent adventures. I’ll have to get going on another adventure myself.
I look forward to more tales from the Tikeyeru Void.



Not the kinda day I had in mind… Multiplayer, PC.


Searching for the Abyss

Can’t wait! :scream::woozy_face:


Tiptoe Through the Tulips


Found one of the apparently rare blue hue lush biomes (on a moon). It has nice dense forest patches, craters and at least on unpleasant local. Was nice to see a blue world after all this time.


Only just realised that those mysterious Organic Rocks are actually transparent.