Salt Deposits Gone

In the first release of NEXT, salt could be found as a minable surface deposit on some planets. I found some. I mined it.

Since the patches, salt as a surface deposit has disappeared. I’ve now explored four planets that say in their information that they have salt - and they don’t. The salt deposits appear to have been replaced by copper deposits.

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Look on radioactive planets in the smaller coral-like plant structures.

Thanks, Mad, but there minerals in my home system that will give small quantities of salt as a secondary product.

What I’m talking about is this sort of thing:


This is a planet that’s actually advertising the stuff. These planets used to have large surface deposits - now they don’t. This is the fourth such planet I’ve found where it said there was salt - but there wasn’t.

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I saw several just yesterday. Resources of a certain type can be difficult to find at times.

I saw salt deposits commonly with some toxic planets.

I had a heap of trouble finding parafinium on my home planet despite it being listed. Mostly just copper. Tales a lot of hunting
…its not underground is it?

They said they wanted the minerals to be more realistic so according to wikipedia
Salt is present in vast quantities in seawater, where it is the main mineral constituent.
Has anyone searched underwater?

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I figured out that minning Salt if much more effective when it is extracted from small pieces of flora rather than deposits, but I agree, remains a bug…

(just trying to help you out a bit :sweat_smile: )

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Yeah, I’m looking for a load of Parafinium to fix the radiation leaks in my ship. Only found one planet that had it so far, which was crawling with hostile sentinels and had frequent heat storms.

Ended in a real “GET TO THA CHOPAAAAA!” moment.


I only just encountered salt in the mineral form recently. My entire journey has presented salt only in flora as stated above.

I mined a large salt deposit last night, was one of those greenish surface blobs. I think it was a toxic planet, but I am still in the system and can check if you need more details.

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Found some!

The first deposit did not exist

But the next one did