I Miss Heridium


Heridium is no more. And I miss it.

It was big. It was blue. It was reliable. You could find it on every planet, and it would always get you out of trouble.

And now it’s gone.

Bring back Heridium!!




I miss Heridium too., I believe it was distinctly NMS. Are any of the names now? I miss the dripping columns of elements and the buried hallow spheres. On day one I thought it was silly that the mining was all above the surface, but I changed my mind. Then copper was just floating ever where. I think each element should have a distinct deposit shape .

Now I am missing a lot about the the game before NEXT. :anguished: I miss the way the scanner reveled the elements by showing the boxes (voxels?).


I think you hit the nail on the head, there.

There were things that made NMS distinctive. Structures, colour schemes, game mechanics.

And whilst NEXT has undoubtedly brought huge improvements, we seem to have lost a lot that made the game different, and unusual.


Well, except for those times when I really, really needed it like right that minute and I had to run for what seemed like forever until I finally found some…yeah, I miss those days. Busting rocks just isn’t the same. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Never really missed heridium, but now that you brought it up it was distinctly nms back in the day.


It would be cool if very rarely you would stumble across a planet which was like NMS of old. Towering minerals and huge clumps underground. New players would be like WTF? & old day-oners would be all teary-eyed with nostalgia.
I also want some of the outlandish colour schemes back. I miss that vibrant eye searing contrast we would sometimes get.


I have been meaning to say thanks hello games. :wink: Now, what about that Heridium.




Just realized we now have Rusted Metal deposits

which yield Ferrite Dust in a 1:2 ratio. It does make gathering Ferrite a little less tedious.


That made me wonder if we are going to want rusted metal in bigger quantities for some reason, it’s not like ferrite dust is hard to come by


Faster to harvest but requires processing.
I generally just shoot little rocks regularly in passing and it just builds up. When at a refiner I process most.
(I find ship battles provide me with ample Mag Ferrite and Chromatic metal…)


Same; and sometimes you can find large quantities at trade terminals. Buying a 500u block saves a lot of time and tedium :slight_smile:


I usually just buy it en gros on space stations that have it…
A rich system that sells ferrite dust will usually have between 2000 and 3000 in stock.


I do that in my Legacy game but my newer one is on a strict budget :smile:


Simple economics 101: The time you spend mining ferrite dust you can use to mine something more valuable. If you sell that something and buy ferrite dust for the money, you’ll end up with more ferrite dust than you could have mined in that time. Or the same amount and some spare change.


I was almost afraid to mention it in case it was there a while and my bigotry towards empty planets would show haha.

Didn’t go near it because I thought, I scrap the rusted metal every time, why would I want it in bulk? Good to know its for ferrite dust :slight_smile:


You bring up a good point @Polyphemus and I have lost perspective.

Back in the day and no matter what planet you were on, there was a stack of heridium in which you could make a shelter. I should have paused to give thanks on the number of times this saved my character before now.

Thank you for bringing up this oversight.


I always thought the towering columns of mineral were immersion-breaking because of the selective nature of how gravity worked, or didn’t work. I understand the technical limitation of voxels but they should have started out with the minerals in the ground as they are now. Just my 2 cents.

@sheralmyst Love the animation of bugs hitting rocks. That’s how I felt last game when I was trying to get a drop pod to give me a slot…

…oops no ionized cobalt, find a cave, shoot the cobalt, mining laser out of fuel before I have enough, find a tree, hit the tree, partially charge the laser, shoot more trees, charge the laser, find the cave again, shoot more rocks, get back to drop pod, set down portable refiner, oops can’t charge refiner, shoot a tree, charge refiner, you know the drill and I haven’t even gotten to the condensed carbon or antimatter. sigh


As mentioned beforehand: Trading solves a lot of these issues. Only early game where inventory space is at a premium really requires me to do serious mining, and that’s fine.
But as soon as you have your suit decently upgraded it’s not difficult to keep your suit stocked with a 500 stack of most basic resources (not sure if you can buy carbon anywhere, though, but most other things are regularly available).
It’s also handy for getting paraphinium in an early survival game, because getting that usually involves doing the sentinel dance.
Also, if you’re fueling with raw carbon, you’re wasting time. Refining it to condensed carbon first is more efficient.