Ringed planets in NEXT?

Yeah, I think HG don’t want to implement nonsensical rings for their own sake…illusions of rings from a distance but empty space when you go there…space debris and rocks and so on makes sense. If they can do that and then are still able and willing to put extra stuff in there for discovery then great but I don’t think they’re going to try to just fake rings.


Yeah, well, what they achieved it’s realistic enough for me already.


I hesitate to use the word, but …

… confirmed?

Official X-Box cover art from No Man’s Sky website:

Also, Gas Giants, and Multiplayer (go figure)?


That is a ringed planet to the lower of left of the Atlas… confirmation?

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That box art blows my mind! I have a really good feeling about this :smiley:

Edit: I don’t see why HG would put the ringed planet on the box art unless they have plans for it. Especially how much the community has been asking for that.


I can’t find it on the no man’s sky website. Can you find a direct link?


From that cover, it appears that ringed planets and gas giants might be a real thing.
Looking at the 4 space-suited individuals it looks as if they have subtly different attachments/upgrades to their suits and also are in various colours… personal customisation maybe or more involved avatars instead of orbs?
Also one of the freighters in the background looks quite different to any I can recall seeing before.


Just speculating… not hyping.
Last thing NMS needs is a hype train that gets out of hand. I’d class myself as keenly interested but not hyped. :wink:
I also noticed that the 3 fighter class ships in that image have colours that correspond to the space-suited individuals in the foreground. Possibly a subliminal hint towards being able to see other’s space craft maybe?
I wonder if 4 is the number of players able to interact as part of expanded collaborative play.
Not overly interested in multiplayer but still interested enough to be intrigued.

OMG! I’m freaking out. Someone could Tweet @NoMansSky to confirm that

@Jacob_2000_Lol has started a new thread for speculating on the cover art over here

New hints for NMS NEXT

This will allow for this thread to remain focussed on the initial topic of “Ringed Planets”.


The Waking Titan update bot has pointed to a change of the No Man’s Sky homepage. Some images were uploaded (with no link though) - and one of these images was this box art.

What were the other images? Anything of interest?

There is this one here that looks like an in-game image of NEXT: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn.wakingtitan.com/precon/pre-04.jpg

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65 74 61 20 75 6b 6e be 6f 77 6e

Also… Smiley hologram dude…? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! If you have the 4 images cleaned up, could you post them here

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