Refined Pugneum = (Spoiler)

Quite the expensive way to get these, but w/e … :astonished:


Try platinum instead :wink:


Platinum is 35-1 now
Pugneum is 25-1 - that’s just a text error on the time and ratio


I wasn’t even aware of that change. :roll_eyes: but still…nanites is nanites when you are buying bulk product to refine.


Please elucidate?

I have nearly 6k of them left over from all my on-foot exploring. :boom: Very easy to pile them up, so anything over 1:1 seems expensive.

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This is my regular method of getting rid of all of the excess pugneum I always seem to collect.

(You can probably guess a good part of my playstyle…)


When you take on harder gameplay versions like permadeath, storage space is more limited. Turning acquired products into currency to then buy modules and storage is the best way of securing your safety.
Tech storage and modules are vital.
When death is the instantaneous end to days of gameplay instead of a simple reboot-&-fetch-your-inventory, it’s imperative that any resource be stretched to its best use…which is not necessarily selling it for units. It depends on how your particular game is playing out.
Early on, it is difficult to carry all the possible variations of materials required for accessing damaged technology and buildings with the nanite containers are not always in great abundance.
A simple animal attack or misjudged jetpack boost can end it all so for me I prioritise shielding ASAP.
I totally agree that once established it is easy to acquire surplus of just about everything, even in the harder modes but early on any boost to your survival chances are most welcome.
Aside from this, sometimes you may simply run short of nanites while making a few module purchases. It’s nice to know that some of your lesser valued materials (such as left over platinum from harvesting asteroids), may then be utilised to your best advantage.


Thank you for enlightening explanation for those of us who have no experience of permadeath. :heart:

I didn’t realise that not only are you subject to having to start a new game if you die, but that resources are scarcer as well.

Sorry if I seemed insensitive.


Happy to oblige :hugs:

It’s certainly a different style of play.
I’m currently at about 100+hrs and now in another galaxy. That’s a lot to lose.