Recipies to build Survey Device. Where do I get them?

I’m playing an old save, 100+ hours in, but I don’t have the recipes to build the Survey Device.

Will I get them through story progression or some other way?



Must go to the Nexus. It will appear in the story line. One of the new parts is in the Space Station. The story prompts should guide the way. Make sure that the quest is highlighted in your log.


In my old save, I found that the guy with the multitool blueprints (on the right towards the back of the Anomoly) has them. Cost either nanites or salvaged tech.


I just bought the survey Device at the Nexus because I knew I’d need it.

Do I screw myself by not waiting for the story to tell me to buy it?

Its situations like this that make me think its smarter to just start a new game, so I don’t miss anything.


I don’t need blueprints.

I need recipes.

I found the recipes at a secured installation building, but there must be other ways to learn recipes.

I guess I’ll just keep getting these locations from the Cartographer

It should be okay. I have had a couple of instances like this already and after a minute or two the quest will recognize it is completed and move on to the next thing. :crossed_fingers:

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Ok so you are after the recipes to make the components that are used to make the Survey Device…is that right.
Can you tell me what the 3 things were…I can’t remember.

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  • A Sodium Diode
  • Cobalt Mirror.
  • Wiring Loom

I saw these recipes when the cartographer sent me to a secure installation and it gave me a choice of recipes for stopping the countdown.

Unfortunately, I didn’t own the recipes above those recipes, so I couldn’t buy them.

But, I’m not sure how to access this recipes list on my own, if its even possible.


All 3 are able to be purchased I believe.
Check with merchants that land on Space Stations NOT Trading Posts. Wealthy systems give better odds for more variety. Also check the Space Station Galactic Terminal.
Those small settlements (Minor Settlement) with a landing pad and a merchant at the back often sell components.
Good luck and welcome to the forum.


All of these items can be purchased at the space station until you can find the recipes. I already have the first two. Have not found the last one yet. To clarify, I can already craft the first 2.(sodium diode and cobalt mirror) The 3rd, I cannot. Is there a recipe for it? I do not know at this point.


I don’t believe you can access the list as a menu. I have a screenshot that might help though. You can only get this list when you successfully complete the puzzles at sites like manufacturing facilities and such (the green ones on your map/visor).

@sheralmyst do you mean you haven’t found them for purchase? Or you haven’t found the recipe? Because I don’t think there is a recipe for them.


replying to too many topics,lol…I don’t know what I am talking about anymore. :upside_down_face:


How did you get the first 2 recipes?

Do you remember?

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Likely from the locked buildings scattered around the planets. That was before BEYOND. Do they still give recipes? I have not checked.

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The recipes are on the 2nd row on the left in your screenshot.

If you want to make them, you have to visit manufacturing facilities or operation centers (any more names?) and unlock the blueprints by solving their puzzles.

This was my first and only visit to such place in my playthrough, so I’m not exactly sure how it all works yet. I can see in the upper left corner it says “factory override unit” and gives a quantity, making me think later upgrades might require more than one to unlock.


I saw a live stream where someone had 2 of those override units and he picked 2 recipes. I can not recall if some recipes actually require more than 1 override unit, which would not amaze me. Not sure if the amount of overrides you get depends on the location or puzzle either, or if you just have to save them for a next time.

A nice change though, allowing you to decide, similar to other new tech trees, instead of the randomness we used to have.