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My experience with the dreaded C19 was heavy & flu-like symptoms followed by weeks of a tight chested ache, quick fatigue & belting heartbeat if I exercised.
I insisted on going for long walks & purposely deep breathing & after a few weeks, it faded away.
I now understood why the frail could succumb to it.


I just read yesterday that people getting COVID-19 should avoid above normal exercises - take it easy. Sigh.

The more we know the worse long-term impact appears.


Yeah. I am walking my yard with my dogs and picking up a few sticks, pulling a few weeds. It is about all I feel I can do right now. I believe that advice is based on the fact that some people develop myocarditis…think I spelled that right…and it takes time for it to reverse itself.


How long has it been? I am finally regaining taste and smell. Brain is finally feeling more like myself. I put off my new PC build until I felt more sure of myself. The only lingering affect now is the inflammation in my sinuses which is giving me constant sinus headaches. Aleve seems to knock it out…of course, allergies are terrible for everyone this year so that may also be a factor.
32 GB RAM is all I need now and I can finally move forward. I H8 CoV 2 4EVER


You’ve been reading that anti-vaxer propaganda again. More RAM will not cure Covid.


Pffttt…have you tried it?


Well, long covid has apparently set in with chronic sinus headaches over and behind my eyes and continued diminished smell/taste with several dizzy spells for no apparent reason and of course, fatigue. Most clear up in 3 to 9 months…it has been 2 months…I have an ongoing issue with inflammation likely due to already having arthritis which is an auto immune disease…only 16% still have long covid after 9 months. I really want to run with the average crowd right now but I have already made the 35% group. Hoping to drop out over the next month…or so… :unamused:


Take care @sheralmyst , and request medication if possible. Or try memory/scent therapy. That didn’t work for my wife, but apparently helps some people. My wife has diminished smell/taste for 3 years now.


So sorry for her. Mine has improved and I am just past the 2 month mark so I remain hopeful. Just really need the headache to stop. It is better when I am up and moving so I am up a lot…though I just completed Jedi Survivor which made my head worse but was worth it :crazy_face:


What concerns me is that latest stats show that 10% of those infected with Omicron now get long term COVID.

This nasty virus health problem is far from "over. "


Well, I seem to be healing. I still have a spot over my left eye that I cannot touch without pain shooting across my head but, the persistent headache has abated. Every day, I have slept 3 to 5 hours. I put my phone in a drawer and let the sleep take over. Apparently, my body really needs it. I won’t say the headache pain is 100% gone but I notice it only a few times a day now. Keeping my fingers crossed and taking deep breaths.
I have found the naps, hydration and a deep tissue neck massage have helped. Deep breaths and concentrating on relaxing all the facial muscles too. Maybe that will help someone else.


Ok. So this gets weirder and more weirder…I have been texting a woman who took care of me a lot when I was little. Like a 2nd mom to me. As I am describing the sinus pain and the pain behind my eyes, she says, it sounds like bruising. And then it clicked. I think she is right. Even the muscles behind my eyes hurt. Then, yesterday morning, the sore spot above my left eye, gone. All day, the pain in my sinuses gradually improved. By the time I went to sleep, I was pain free except for a touch of muscle soreness in the eye muscles. Pain free all night. Pain free this morning. Just tiny touch of soreness here and there and my neck is a bit stiff because I slept slept slept… :melting_face:
This has been the strangest thing ever. No pain killers helped. And while it was not alarmingly painful, it wore me down day after day. But, I think it is over.


Glad to hear it’s over and no more sharp pain <3

I had realy bad pain in my trapezoids last weekend, could not turn my neck, had not slept weird or done anything too strenuous just woke up and it was 3-4 days before I felt right. Like i’d pulled eveyr muscle in my neck, turning was dsudden sharp pain.

I wonder if it was strange inexplicaple bruising too? Cos pain killers did nada and eventually after 3-4 days it went away.

My standing theory is still stress. I had a hell of a week before this with familial fallout and me in the middle trying to keep everyone calm and kind ’ ^ _ ^


:crossed_fingers: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :crossed_fingers:

Sounds like it’s time to celebrate! :fireworks: :sparkler: :firecracker: :sparkler: :fireworks: :heart:


Almost. It has all moved to my left temple and nostril. Got an Rx just to help give whatever it is the boot. My Dr said, “Covid is like a rat that leaves poop everywhere. Gotta clean up after it.” :rofl: :face_with_spiral_eyes:


My first thought was yay! a portable covid detector! then I read the article. Oh, well… back to the drawing board.

But lamas? Seriously? Ain’t Science wunnerful! :wink: :applauds:

But seriously, once they address the noise problem it may help in public places like restaurants, gyms, etc. Of course there is also always the problem of maintenance…


When they make a pocket sized one, I am in