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Situation: Parkland
Problem: someone is where they are not allowed.
Solution: Facial recognition system.
Solution: Security alerts when those not recognized or banned are found where they are not allowed. School security stops them.

We can track your license plate while you are traveling at 70 MPH across states. We can apply the same technology for our schools.

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This reminds me of minority report for some reason.


We have automated working time tracking system, which is using entrance security cameras to recognize faces and put on/off-work status for an employee.


nice example @zeff013, thanks.

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What was the question?

I got a flyer in the door the other day about a government plan to put CCTV in suburbs and housing estates… Yeah. No thanks. I can understand a fearful citizens need for such a service but it’s a step too close to totalitarianism for me.


for me totalitarian mostly is not about putting CCTVs, but rather about misusing them for the need of powerful ones and not being allowed to speak about that and not allowed to change that.


That’s my worry. Our leaders could be sound about it during my lifetime, no guarantee how those schemes,laws and services could be abused down the line or after I’m gone.

At least they’re not bringing in laws that make it illegal should you choose to be an asshole and not use the pronoun the person would like you to use (happened recently in Canada, I’m being told. Don’t know exact details, homework for next week!).

Now that’s scary… because its happened a few times before and it led to, well very much awful stuff. I’m all for equality but if it needs to be enforced by Law we’ve gone wrong somewhere.


yeah. no readymade solution for that… yet.
I believe such CCTV networks must belong to non-profit organisations like Red Cross, who will supply information to other parties per request.
at least I believe those guys more then police, secret service, politicians and business men.

regarding Canada - are you referring to Bill C-16?
on my previous work I had colleague, who was really enjoying observing reactions of people, when trolling or discriminating them.
do not know what to do with such people.


Britain has the highest level of CCTV surveillance in the world. Cameras are everywhere. It has done absolutely nothing to combat crime. The only things it has achieved are a marked rise in hooded jackets and stolen numberplates. It doesn’t inconvenience criminals in the slightest, but it does collect a huge amount of data about regular citizens going about their daily business.


Great boon in profit for the security industry too, another “achievement” for the list!

Just like how arms manufacturers in Germany and France are about to “achieve” peace across the world thanks to PESCO and the slice of a countries GDP we’re giving them.


The answer.
It is always simple.
When those whom want to putting “laws” in effect, the laws, regulations, and bureaucracy always complicate the situation beyond reason.

Facial recognition system is a simple answer.
Easy to implement.
Requires to hire additional people to help and protect.
There was a television show with 19 pair of people whom agree to be hunted.
2 pairs got their $250,000. All the rest were “captured”.
The area covered was the southeast part of the states.
The pairs had 30 days to stay hidden.
At 28 days you got a message about where your cash was at.
24 hours the hunters and the hunted got information.
If the people could get the cash and escape, the cash was theirs.
I do not remember the name of the show.
The show showed how tracking of people is done.

I realize that the show was a “reality” game show.

It showed how the different ways there were to track.
All the methods had to work together to put the pieces together.

What we have learned from Parkland, is that all the pieces did not work together.

We have a problem with the people. Emphasis has been since the 50’s - everything for the “children”.
Before WWII, children grew up and took responsibilities by their 16 birthday.
Today, we now as a society allow “children” to remain in the parents home until age 26.

How many You-Tube videos show “adults” in their twenties (adults), have no ability to act as an adult.

I am a student of HISTORY. Tis what I received my university degree in.

History tells up … we are wrong in our assessment of children.


Sadly in my country, the government have made such a balls of readily available and affordable housing, most people in Ireland can’t move out until their 30’s after a decade of saving for a deposit on a mortgage.

If you want to move out sooner, you gotta rent, but rent in Ireland is about 2/3rds of your monthly wage for average income, so you can move out and be stuck renting forever, or stay home and save and hope the bank will give you a mortgage.

I’m on my fifth attempt at getting a mortgage approved, was renting for several years but have moved back to the family home. Unfortunately I’m horrendously single and most likely will be from here unto eternity and bank folk do not want to deal with single people unless you take in 6 figures minimum. They say that’s not the case for the sake of retaining a friendly image but I can tell you that is very much the case from experience.


I think what @zsigmond is saying is that government and law want to treat what they classify as children in a way that encourages irresponsible behavior. Kids are able to understand right from wrong at an early age. Society treats them like they are not capable of responsibility, which enables irresponsible behavior. My kids have understood from the time they were very small that there are consequences for actions. They can be either good or bad and they are resposible for the decisions they make and the outcome.


true nicely said here’s a :beer: